Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Child Of The King

More news!

Erin's still doing great! The doctors are actually gonna partially close her abdomen incision tomorrow. They will actually start stiching the ends of the wound similar to a football and install mesh in the incision. The wound vac will still be in place for a while. The incision will be gradually closed over time. More Great News! She's off all blood pressure meds! Her kidneys are removing about 1/3 of the fluids she is receiving which is great. The dialysis machine is removing the rest. The nurse said her kidneys could probably handle all the fluids but they are gradually easing into it. Still no transfusions. Gonna start another medication to help make her more comfortable and sedate her a little. Everyone who sees Erin seems to be amazed and happy with her progress. I think we owe it all to the Lord because without his healing hand none of this would be possible. Everyone here at Vanderbilt is wonderful. Please pray for Erin's healing (especially her lungs) and the Staff at Vanderbilt. We appreciate all of you! God has been using Erin in mighty ways and she is lying here being still. Just wait till she walks out of this room! To God be the Glory!

Erin is a chid of the King! She is a little alert! She is following mine and Morgan's voices with her eyes!!! She is trying to move her head a little bit, of course she can't due to canula in neck. She also is trying to move her left arm a littlle. They changed the dressing on her wound vac in her belly and put some mesh in it. Or, a screen door as Erin calls the mesh in my stomach. They still hope to try and close the wound in her belly up within a couple of days! Thanks to everyone at RNR who signed all the banners and signs, they are hanging her room. Praise God, Praise God! We still have a long road and along way to go HOWEVER, God will continue to carry us through!


Terry said...

All the glory and praises to our King!!!

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Fabulous news!! Thank you Lord.

Julie (little missionary)

Vicki said...

Such a sweet answer to prayer. We continue to pray!

Terry said...

Yes! Such a sweet answer to prayer and for such a sweet girl, eh Vicki and Little Missionary,Julie?
Love Terry

PS..I am glad that her mom and dad and sis provide, almost every day a fresh picture of Erin. Her pretty blue eyed face is always on my mind..