Friday, March 14, 2008

Saija's Loss

Saija, our beloved Pilgrim Pal, has posted a sad note on her Thro' A Glass Darkly regarding the sudden passing of her cousin.

Here's what she wrote and the accompanying graphic:

"this morning started with tragic news ... my cousin, only 48 years old, died suddenly ... in much the same way as leo's sister ... a prolonged headache ... an aneurysm ... then death ...he lived in finland ... the distance is great ... yet the grief that my family over there is feeling - is felt here in our home too ... just another reminder of our mortality ... the brevity of life ... and a need to live each day, as if it were our last ..."

And so, Pilgrim Pals, let's surround Saija with our love, concern and prayer support and assure her that we're standing with her during these difficult times.

Thank you!

~ David, the Pilgrim


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Amrita said...

May the Lord comfort Saija and family, what a tragic thing to happen so suddenly. Our lives are in God 's hands.

hebrews 11:1 said...

Dear Pilgrim,

Thank you for posting Saija's thoughts and photo over here at Pals. I will stop in at her blog now.

God bless you richly,


Saija said...

thanx for posting that David ... i have been visiting here, but haven't posted as much (i couldn't get in at blogger - but will have to try again) ...

Lord willing i will be at the funeral in finland ...

will post more later ... thank you for your prayers & support!