Saturday, March 8, 2008

Having Fun Yet?

My fellow Ontarians - are we having fun yet with the snow storm :)

It is absolutely wild here! It started last night; this morning was calm - the calm before the storm and it didn't last long. This afternoon has been snow, snow, and more snow and very windy. I've been praying for the people who have to drive in this weather (paramedics, police, firefighters and others).

Just one little item to share and ask for your prayers - I bought a condo this week! God led me to an affordable and lovely 2 story home - it's such a gem! Actually as most of you home owners know this is only the beginning of many other ends that need tying up (eg finalizing the mortgage, meeting with a lawyer). Pray that all falls into place.

Julie (LM)


Terry said...

No fun at all Little Missionary Julie!!
We are snowed in..

I am so excited about your condo. That is going to be so nice for you!
I pray that you will get through the process real good and not get too much stress!!
Two bedrooms??
Now that city slicker, Noah will have his own room!!

Felisol said...

Dear Julie LM,
congratulations with your new home. Despite mortgage and stuff, it's freedom and relaxation to be one's own master.
I pray and feel sure that everything will turn out just fine.
Yours Felisol

hebrews 11:1 said...

Hey, hey, there! Did you forget about your QUEBEC pals?! LMG andI are loveing this snow, too...(giggle, giggle) I haven't had to shovel it yet! ;) My brothers do that, and my sister helps out, too, but I have the easy job of walking the dogs through it, and pulling out my trusty camera and snatching pics of buried cars, front doors, andbroken shovels ;)

Congratulations on the new condo!! You must be so excited!

God bless you richly,