Tuesday, March 4, 2008

More Good News From Chris

have more good news for everyone! Erin's chest tubes are draining very little today and as long as her vitals don't drop it's a sign the bleeding is stopping. The ECMO Technician told me they are discussing clamping off the drain tube on her right side since it isn't draining and this will avoid any bacteria creeping back up the line. Morning Xray seemed to show a little more Aeration in her left lung. She possibly will receive some small amounts of nourishment into her stomach today to stimulate her digestive system and to assist in healing. Erin hasn't had a blood transfusion since last night but has received platelets. We're so excited about all these new developments but we know Erin is still very critical. Please continue to lift her name up to the Throne of God. We know that all healing comes from Him. She has been stable for a while and I feel it would be great to pray specifically for Erin's Lungs. It's up to God and Erin to heal her lungs. Please be sure to thank God for everything He is doing in Erin's life and how she is touching other people with her story. We know God will receive all the glory from this situation and He deserves it! I want to thank Everyone who has taken time to pray for Erin, visit this site, and leave comments. It's such a blessing to all of us here in Nashville to read the things you leave. Keep it up! Thanks! I love you all! Thank you Jesus!
Chris(Erin's dad)


Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Praise Jesus!! It is a privilage to pray for you and for Erin!

Julie (Little Missionary)

hebrews 11:1 said...

Thank you Mrs. Shirkie, for these updates.

Keeping Erin and ALL the Pals in prayer,