Sunday, March 9, 2008

Yes! Greater Vision!

David is right about how much that I love "Greater Vision".
They were the first American group that I heard many years ago.
Gerald, in particular is very precious.
Whenever I saw him at concerts, he always reminded us that there was a unsaved man that he was praying for and he asked us, if we could remember, could we pray for him too.
Well about ten years back when he came to Copps Colosseum in Hamilton for the Quartet Convention, he mentioned on stage that the man he had been praying for had been saved!
At intermission, I bought some products from their table and also a photo of the boys and of course I got them to autograph it for me. I had to go and look for that Gerald and when I finally tracked him down, I asked him, seeing as that man was saved, could he please pray for my dad now{Dad Golden]...
"Why sure and I will!" he said. When I gave him my picture to autograph he said, "And now what is your Daddy's name?"
"Cecil Golden", I said.
And then right there and then he signed that picture for my dad!
My picture!!
There was nothing for it but for me to give that picture to Dad Golden when I got home and it has hung in his room these many years now right over the chair where he watches TV.
I told him that the handsome young man, Gerald was praying for him and that is all I said. Dad never objected to Mom Golden framing the picture and hanging it on the wall
Now ...part two of the story...My brother , Teddy who lives in Iowa, went a couple of years back to a "Greater Vision" Concert and he is just like his sister.....just loves to talk to the singers!
Gerald asked him where he was from and when Teddy said that he used to live in Welland, Ontario and his name was Ted Golden...well didn't that Gerald of ours just look him in the eyes and said.."Well I am STILL praying for Cecil Golden!"
A man of his word, eh?
I am praying that part three of this story will be the conclusion ...the day that Dad Golden is finally gloriously saved!

PS Vicki...I am going to try and make an update on Dad and Mom Golden tomorrow!!
I just have to download a few pictures....Love Terry


Pilot Mom said...

Terry, that just gives me goose bumps! :) What a faithful pray-er he is. Thank goodness for brothers in the Lord who are! Another one who comes to mind is our very own, Pilgrim, David!

Felisol said...

Dear Pilgrim Pals,
I say amen to Pilot Mom.
This was a strong reminder about being faithful in prayer.
From Felisol

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

What a fabulous story Terry!! Thanks for sharing and amen to Dad Golden gettin' saved!

Faithful pray-er...yup, it's tough as I express last week but we must pray on for our loved ones - who else will? (sigh)

Julie (LM)

hebrews 11:1 said...

Hi Pals!

I don't know if anyone has missed me...but have I ever missed Pals!!! I was so busy last week launching my new business I wanted to crash all weekend and spend Saturday in bed. We made our first sale to a Christian bookstore on Friday, and I am soooo excited! God is so good. I was unable to get on here much because I was working evenings on my internet-less computer...designing a catalog (that took more effort than I could imagine!) and an invoice, and now I want to redo our old business cards.

My dad is doing great. Tomorrow is his last chemo treatment...I am saying that in faith...please pray with me! He will go for scans, etc. in another month. He is doing better every day.

Mrs. shared that story before, but I love reading it. Guess what I got LMG for her birthday? Live in Atlanta, by Greater Vision!!! Shhhh, she doesn't know, she's going to flip! Unless my mom spilled the beans :( more on that another time.

Love and Prayers,

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Good to hear from you LLP!!

There seems to be other Pals MIA - the other Julie and Lauren Mary!! Have not heard from them in a long time!

Julie (LM)

Anonymous said...

Naw Little Missionary Julie.!!
Nobody is missing in action! They are probably on the side lines

You know what though, LMP? I got a phone call from somebody today that WAS missing in action! He surely was!
This guy was on his way to Fort Erie and he got all turned around and just didn't know what to do!
So he phoned my husband and me for help, The first time I hung up on him because I thought it was some salesman trying to sell us credit cards or magazines or something!!
Well he called again, and just guess who this MIA person was?..It was our own Pilgrim David...Ha!!!!!!
On his way to Buffalo no less!
Well when we were giving him directions, we lost him when he went thought the town line tunnel.
So I phoned him back and I think he figured it out on his own the directions although it is surely beyond me why he was heading to Niagara Falls.!
Next time he had better phone our New Yorker, Donna!
She would have got him through all right

Oh by the way, you know how I am always getting after him?
Well I asked if he was driving and talking on the cell phone at the same time....Sure 'nuff he WAS and that is a no no!!!!

Safe trip back David...ha! You haven't got your lap top so you will have to wait to get home before you call me a squealer! hee... hee... or as Passing Thru would say as we watch you heading towards the sunset...Lol!!!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Shirkie,

I am giggling so hard!!! You know I see more men than women on the cell behind the wheel! ;)

Take care, and God bless you,