Saturday, March 8, 2008

Please Pray For Erin And Her Mom And Dad And Her Sister...

Hello to All !!!! Sorry for the delayed update today but today as been pretty much a normal day to/for Erin and from talking with Drs and Nurses it will be the same thru the weekend. They put off doing all tests until the first of the week just to give her little body some much needed rest. They did have to give her a couple small amounts of blood not really for any problems but for the fact they were drawing off to much fluid due to her increased output! We thought there was a problem tonight with her wound vac inside her abdomen so surgery was called in to go inside and see what it was but after they were suited up ready for action they found a piece on top of the vac that was messed up so all they had to do was replace it instead of going in her belly. Thank you so much for all of youre support for the entire family. Please continue to pray for Erins lungs to heal quickly so we can get her off ECMO to get rid of the fungus thats causing a higher concern to the Drs daily!!! Also continue to pray for strength for Kimberly and Chris who continue to stay by her side day after day, daylight till way after dark. This trying time has took its toll on us all but yet united us closer to each other for Erin, and in Christ to pull Erin thru with the power of a loving family and loving God who truly answers theunceasing prayer of so many!!! God Bless you All !!!


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Felisol said...

Dear Erin's family,
I'm praying for all of you, that the Lord must grant you strength and hope, and the doctors wisdom to make the right decisions.
From Felisol