Monday, March 10, 2008

Erin Michelle

Drs just came back in and they ARE going to take Erin to ct today and do a full body scan .JUST TOLD US IT WILL BE 3PM CST so be 4pm at home!!!!They say that the benefit is outweighing the risk at this point since her condition has somewhat deteriated. This CT should tell them and us a better description of the actuall shape her lungs are in, if fungus has indeed set up in some or any of her solid organs, and where her blood loss continues to come from. Her abdn is more distended today and firmer which indicates some type of leak somewhere. This move down to ct is really risky and is going to require multiple people to move her and her machines, they actually had to go measure to see if they could make it in the ct room and if she had enough tubing to reach with her in the machine. So this will be a lengthy process and we will update you as soon as we can. Please Pray for all involved in this procedure that God be with them all but MOST OF ALL ERIN MICHELLE, WE ALL LOVE HER SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!
Update 6:21.........Just spoke to Dr. and the only 2 definite things he saw was something in the right side of her brain which is possibly/probably a fungus and that her lungs look awful. The radiologists are currently going over her ct with a fine tooth comb. He said that he didnt see anything that made him wanted to call it quits right now, but we wont know any really good information till tommorrow after everyone gets together and talks. Everyone being radioligists,infectious disease, and other doctors.He just wanted to tell us something before he left and thats all he knows. She still reacts to his exam as far as neuroligicaly but he has to see if this possible fungus can even be cleared from her brain. He said he cannot contribute anything he saw to her drop in o2 sats or blood loss so that remains a mystery as well. We should know more tommorrow afternoon. Please continue to pray for Chris,Kimberly and I as we are here united for Erin and pleading to God for his Mercy and Grace to fall upon us to deal with his will!!!!!Pray for our Erin!!!!!!!! PRAY PRAY PRAY!!!!!!!!

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Felisol said...

Dear Erin's family,
still praying for young Erin.
Still awaiting for more good news.
From Felisol