Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Southern Scribblings

Well, my Pilgrim Pals, I guess some of you have been wondering what I'm up to. I thought I had sent an e-mail to Terry regarding my whereabouts. Maybe she didn't read it.

Anyhow the picture will tell you where I am. I'm here in the Dunedin, FL area for a couple of days of Spring Training with the Toronto Blue Jays.

Tomorrow I'm heading south to the Ft. Myers area to spend time with my good friend David Shantz who is playing goal for the Florida Everblades.

Friday it's back to Dunedin for another game and more connecting with ballplayers.

Tonight I enjoyed the hospitality of Tom and Caren Tucker, dear friends who I worked with while I served with Baseball Chapel.

It's time to get in bed. Tomorrow morning will come early. I'll be flying home to another winter snowfall on Saturday. Yuck!

Be encouraged, dear pals! God is in control.

Love in Christ,

The Pilgrim


Terry said...

No I never got the letter David..
I hope that you will bring us some warm weather back
Don't tire yourself too much..If you do the Lord will have to force you to rest. He has done that to me the last few days..I have had to stay home because of a bladder infection...hmmm..really painful but not when I am sitting at the computer.
I have found that the others in the family are stepping out more and helping Mom and Dad Golden and Dad, himself is keeping a pretty good eye out for Mom!!

Now mind you Pilgrim..get a little rest!...Love Terry

PS..1 Talking about emails...did you get the one from Amrita? She really wants to join the Pals and Felisol and I think that she would be a real plus!
Would you, if you don't have the time, allow me to put her name on the favourite links?
Let me know Ok???
Amrita is a real godly Christian..

PS 2... David how come we are not called the Pilgrim Pals anymore?
Sometimes, I like to send some of the Pilgrim Pal's comments to different people who we are praying for to encourage them and instead of Pilgrim Pals it says "The Writer's Crucible". Is there any way that you can fix this?
Let me know alright? Because it has been bothering me...

God's blessings David and take care, eh?

Felisol said...

Dear Pilgrims Sister Terry,
I've been praying for your back, and then it was a bladder infection.. Good that you were properly diagnosed, and even better if you can be able to make some space for yourself in your own life. Even Jesus did that. Several time it's mentioned that He withdrew to get some rest. I think we have a lot to learn, instead of being overachievers we , His followers, are allowed to seek quietness and rest sometimes.

I would miss you both, Pilgrim David and Pilgrim Terry, if you were too long gone, though.

Thank you, Terry, for being so industrious updating us on little Erin. Thus we never forget to share her family's sufferings and participate in praying.

Please keep your heart and feet warm, drink lots and lots of water, at least two liters a day my doc says, and grant yourself some rest.

You are as always in my prayers.

P.S. I had to look up the word crucible, means melting pot, eh?
I like to call myself a pilgrim, 'cause that's simply what I would like to be, and maybe some day even making some progress!

From Felisol