Friday, March 28, 2008

Bearing One Another's Burdens

Dear Pilgrim Pals:

It must seem like I've been strangely silent recently. Decidedly distant? Not really! It's been such a hectic week to 10 days with my Uncle Bill passing away and other stressful situations occurring.

Never fear...I've been reading the posts and praying for you all. On top of the health and job issues that each of us are dealing with I'm made aware each day of others who are facing cancer, dealing with job losses and all the other circumstances that can rob our joy...if we allow them to.

Be assured that each of you are thought of fondly and remembered before the Father.

Thank you for your comments, your love, concern and partnership as we seek to encourage one another on this pilgrimage home.

Saija, we are praying for you as you spend time family in Finland mourning the loss of your cousin.

Little Missionary, we rejoice concerning the new condo and the recent interview. Hope you're feeling well soon!

Felisol, I can't say how much your love and prayerful concern mean to us all.

Vicki, we are bearing you up before the Father as you contemplate surgery in April!

LPP and all your clan down there in La Belle Province, we love you and are praying for the needs you express.

Terry, what can I say? You keep this Pilgrim Pals site flourishing! THANKS!

Donna, it's always good to hear from you!

Laura-Mae, don't be a stranger!

Amrita, we're so glad you've joined us!

Susan, we sure miss Chuck don't we! I'm so glad your pastor preaches the Word with power and authority!

Lisa J., our hearts rejoice with you as you enjoy the arrival of Ezra (pictured with his brother Daniel). What a precious jewel. I love the video clips of him. Be sure to check these out, Pals, right here.

Pilot Mom, we love you! How are the wedding plans coming along?

And for the rest of our beloved encouraged today. We are getting closer to hearing the Father's "well done". Press on, ever trusting the Pioneer and Pefecter of our faith.

Much love in Christ,

~David, the Pilgrim


Amrita said...

Dear friends please pray for my BIL Prem 's mother Mrs Jeyapaul.She is admitted in the Railway Hospital in Chennai, South India with a type 2 respiratory failure which means she can 't breathe without a respirator/oxygen.When they try to take her off the machines her carbon di oxide levels start rising.Doctors say its terminal.

She is a woman of faith and wants to go home say goodbye and rest in the Lord.But her family is holding on in the hope that she might recover.Please pray for the Jeyapaul family too they are all believers.They are under tremendous pressure.

Terry said...

Oh I am, glad I checked here first before going our Amrita.
I will surely pray for your friend and her family and you.
I have sent your request to Donna'a prayer request blog Amrita.
Did you know about this blog?
It is;

Whenever there is a need of prayer, Donna will put it Terry

Vicki said...

David, thanks for this post. Hope things quiet down for awhile. Praying for you.

Amrita, I started praying as soon as I read your note about Mrs. Jeyapaul. It's so hard emotionally for the whole family, but I'm grateful to know they are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. May His peace well up in their hearts as He comforts each one, especially Mrs. Jeyapaul. {{hugs}}

Vicki said...

Terry, I tried that link and nothing showed up. Also have meant to thank you for keeping us all informed at Pals...and for your precious prayers for the saints.

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Hi Amrita, good to hear from you - will be praying.

Hi Terry and Vicki, I checked the link for Donna's site - Terry just forgot the - so it's

Julie (LM)

Felisol said...

Dear Pilgrim Pals,
it is wonderful when Christian are allowed to walk together.
My best Church of Prayers I've got on this site.
The amazing grace from the Lord, allowing us to lift each other up in front of his throne and find peace and help .
I pray that God must have his way with Mrs. Jeypaul.

I admit I often am bewildered that
the children of God often must go through such crucible pains before they die (like my father also had to do).
I have not yet found a satisfying answer except, maybe, that God through his faithful believers has a message to give to the unsaved??

No, I just see through a glass darkly,
and long for the time when I shall see face to face.
Yours Felisol

hebrews 11:1 said...

Dear Mr. Fisher,

Thank you for your love and prayers...truly appreciated as we struggle along here! I was just thinking this afternoon about my dad's doctor's appointments coming up in 2 weeks...two one right after another...and bracing myself for it. But who should I worry? I really do dislike having to grow up so fast--as it seems--but I know God is looking at the bigger picture, and I need to go through this for some reason!

Dear Amrita,

I'm praying now for Mrs Jeyapaul.

Hello all Pals!

I keep all of you in prayer. I hope you are doing well, and growing closer in your walk with the Lord.

Love and Prayers,

LPP in La Belle Province ;)

susanwalkergirl said...

Oh are so faithful. A blessing and encouragement to so many.

Love and blessings to you sir.

Soon...all of the messages from Chuck and our new Pastor Philip De Courcy will be on Kindred's website for download. I can't wait for you to partake.