Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pilgrim Passing By

Yesterday the Pilgrim had to leave the main highway (the QEW) as he and his family headed for Buffalo, NY. Taking a different route to their destination, the Pilgrim and his family called Terry to get directions. Our beloved Terry was home and sure wasn't much help. All she did was scold the Pilgrim for not getting some much needed rest and told him he shouldn't be using his cell phone while driving.

The Pilgrim enjoyed speaking with Terry regardless of her scolding and arrived safely at his/their destination. Today the Pilgrim and his family will travel east to Rochester, NY where they will enjoy the Strong Museum, an interactive museum especially geared for children.

Last night the Pilgrim and his entourage (6 in total) slept in two queen size beds and one blow-up mattress on the floor. This morning they are suffering from various aches and pains but will continue down the road. The "excellent adventure" continues.

Thanks for your prayers!

URGENT: Please pray diligently for Erin and her family today. They are certainly going through some uncertain and troubled waters. THANK YOU!


Felisol said...

Dear Pilgrim Father,
I am praying for your family, your health and that you must begin to hurry slow.
We need you to last a few more years.
From Felisol

Anonymous said...

Okay, Pilgrim, now THAT is a funny post...albeit with a serious call to prayer at the end. You know, you shouldn't be talking and driving...so many accidents are caused by that, and I notice more men than women talk while driving...never mind!

Have fun in Buffalo!

God bless you,

Terry said...

Well it serves you right David Fisher that you are full of aches and pains, and besides I think your biggest complaint is that I talked your ear off for about five minutes at the expense of your cell phone...Just knock the buck fifty off of that speeding ticket you should have paid and you won't feel so bad!!
You still come out ahead,eh?

Safe trip home and you know who NOT to call for directions when you get lost again. eh?...Bernie!!Ha!
Love Terry