Thursday, March 27, 2008

Prayer Needed - Vicki

Quick prayer update:

* My son suffered a head injury a couple weeks ago, saw a doctor, but was referred to a neurologist because of headaches that won't stop. We're pretty sure he sustained a concussion, but the symptoms have gone on for awhile now. Appointment is today. Pray for his healing. He's also now sick with sinus infection or flu or something.

* The endocrinologist referred me to a surgeon for the mass on my thyroid after determining it is so large, has grown fast, and is pressing into my esophagus. The surgeon says thyroid cancers are more common now and can hide behind benign tissue, but whether or not this mass contains a malignancy, it has to come out. Surgery isset for a complete thyroidectomy on April 18th. I met the surgeon again this week. Appreciate your prayers as I'm not too surgery-friendly. Praise the Lord for a good report on my recent colonoscopy, though. That was a breeze.

* My sister Shelby in CA was evicted from her apartment and only just now found a job. God provided for her for several months miraculously, but she is still living hand to mouth. Pray for her continual provision and encouragement. Also, her 10 yr. old daughter was harassed, along with other schoolmates, by some bullies who jumped the school fence and threatened sexual harm. The girl was hysterical with fear when Shelby picked her up from school that day. Apparently, there was no school supervision on the playground, and Shelby has since placed her daughter in another school. Please pray! It's been one thing after another, and my heart grieves for them. On my way now to put a couple packages in the mail to them.

* Pray for Donna. Her physical therapy after shoulder surgery has been difficult at times. Recovery for these things is slow and arduous - she needs our love, prayers, and support.

* My husband is neglecting certain doctor appts. that he needs to put on the calendar. Melanoma recheck, CT scan of his aorta, prostate, sleep apnea problems. He won't use his C-pap machine because it messes up his sinuses. Also, he's so exhausted every evening, I'm not sure how much of the exhaustion is the extra work load at his job, and how much is weaker condition since heart surgery last year. He drops asleep right after supper every night. These long days seem too much for him, and I'm not sure how long he can keep up this pace.

Thanks in advance for praying. I hope you know I'm always praying for you.


Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Dear Vicki, thank you for sharing your prayer requests. Wow - quite a heavy burden but of course you know Jesus helps carry our burdens. I'm at home sick with flu/bronchitis but doing better - just going for a time of prayer so I will lift these requests before our Lord.

Julie (LM)

Terry said...

OH Vicki...You have so much on your plate and my heart grieves for you
There used to be a godly couple in our meeting and it seemed it was always THEM that were getting so many trials...almost like God knew that they could be trusted with them. They had two precious handicapped children which they loved with all their heart and four other children. When the "special" children got older one of the older sisters took them under her wings although by that time she had about five children of her own.
I will never forget the day that this sister whose name was Ruth was waiting for her children to come home from school and she saw a dreadful thing. One child was struck by a car that was illegally passing the bus. Ruth phoned for the ambulance and to her great horror she learned after that her oldest little girl,aged 6, had been struck and killed.
Now her parents whom I have been mentioning although heart broken,.STILL put their trust in God. I wondered 'How could they?"
A short time later this couple's eldest son who had just got married, had a brain aneurism and passed away. leaving behind his young wife.
STILL that couple instead if getting bitter trusted in their Lord. Marvellous it seemed to me!
I will never forget one of the preachers speaking about the children of the trials that they had..
He said, "When the Lord puts his own dear children into trials , they have hearts that are like wax that when exposed to the heat only soften more and are pliable to the Lord's touch, whereas those who aren't His own when they go through trials [some of them], their hearts are like mud that only gets harder when the sun's heat beats upon them!..Hard as rock!"
Vicki my dear, you are just like this Godly couple. The Lord has so much trust and confidence in you and He will not give you more than you can handle and that is the truth!! You will come out as gold!!!!Love Terry

donna said...

thank you for remembering and mentioning me is much appreciated.

I don't want to take away from Vicki's prayer rquest, but wanted to leave this for LPP...LPP I apologize for not being more active over here at Pals. Some days it is an effort to keep up my own blog and my own little prayer blog, both of which were neglected this week as physical therapy and all the exercises I do at home sometimes don't allow much pain-free time...I am not whining and am truly trusting God in every aspect of my healing, but am not able to spend a lot of time at the computer these days. I hope you continue to visit me at my blog for now LPP....

For anyone who left prayer requests, please know you were lifted up to our Father by me, but I just did not get to post them. I apologize..

I am trying to keep up with everyone...and am praying daily for you all.

Vicki you and your family are in my prayers.

love and hugs

Terry said...

I know you are praying for me Donna.I even feel it and you said you would pray for my MRI and I was not scared a bit like I thought I would be. Thank you so much. I have a few prayer requests for your excellent prayer blog too but just haven't had a whole lot of time to go to it.! I am so tnankful that our Lord never says that He hasn't got enough time, eh Donna?? Terry

PS Little Missionary Julie has been sick at home and she is using her time to pray for us...How great is THAT???

Vicki said...

You all are the best! Thanks for always taking time to lift each other's needs to our Heavenly Father.
I'll touch base tomorrow, Lord willing.


Felisol said...

Dear Vicki,
I have not got so many words, just I AM AND WILL BE PRAYING.

Dear Donna,
praying for you too.
From Felisol

Vicki said...

Julie, praying you'll heal from this flu/bronchitis soon. I remember how awful I felt when I last had bronchitis! Take good care, drink lots of fluids, and thanks for praying even though you're under the weather yourself.

Terry, your words encouraged my heart. Those dear people--what trials they endured, indeed. But God is faithful...always faithful....and we seem to learn that best as we go through these things.

Donna, you've been on my heart and I keep praying for your good recovery. It's a lot of work to do those exercises - may His grace give you what you need.

Felisol, THANK YOU SO MUCH. Your sweet spirit always encourages me and I'm grateful for your love and prayers.


hebrews 11:1 said...

Mrs. Gaines,

Thank you for updating us with all these requests. The one for your daughter really touched see, it reminds me of my mom when it ws just her and toddler me...and she had a part-time job, and went hungry so I could eat, and stayed home with me when I was sick. And through it all, God somehow provided for us. Her little old car held up, we had aplace to live, and I had food to eat. And on top of that all, God gave her a husband (a Daddy for me!) soon after. I just read to my grandfather today, "I have been young and now am old, yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread." Psalm 37.

Mrs. Shirkie,

What a story!!! And what did you have anMRI for? Are you okay?!

Mrs. Butler,
Thank you for writing me! I missed your notes! I will continue to drop by your blog when I can...although I must really make my way across the sea,a s I haven';t been there in a very long time. Did you see my comments at Paul Mackay's blog on the Tim Horton's cups my siblings have brought home? Congratulations on your winner. I wonder how many other Pals have won a free coffee...or a doughnut--although I'm sure no one really needs one ;) My brother insists he needs to win a he can locate his glasses--whatever!

Love to all,

Terry said...

Hi Little Pilgrim...Nothing too serious, I don't think. My left foot seems to have gone mumb and I am walking with a limp..
I am glad my name isn't Cassidy because when my mom was a little girl and was a Cassidy, all the kids called her "Hop along Cassidy"!!
Take care and we will be praying for your dear dad when he goes for his doc appointment in two Mrs. Shirkie..