Friday, May 30, 2008

The Color Blue In A Bad Way!

This beautiful girl in the picture is Felisol's and Gunnars daughter and I am hoping that all of the Pilgrim Pals will congratulate her on her graduation...

Felisol explains...

"May tenth was last day of school for the media students. Here's Serina's class of journalist and photo students.Where is our daughter? Well, there's always one of these teachers who has to steal the spotlight from her students. Serina's hidden behind the broad, blue back."

Yeh? Well Serina's pretty face is not hidden NOW!!!
Broad blue back or not!
For sure and it seems that she is the head of her class!!!!


Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Hi Felisol, you must be so happy and proud of Serina!

Congrats Serina!!!

Julie (LM)

David Warren Fisher said...

Dear Felisol:

CONGRATULATIONS on Serina's graduation. We wish her God's best in the days ahead.

Be encouraged, dear friend!

Have a great weekend on the far side of the sea,


Terry said...

Yes for sure!
Congratulations to that little princess on the far side of the sea! ..Love Terry

Saija said...

ya Serina!!!
and she gets to be home for a bit, which will make Felisol happy!

Laura said...

Congratulations to Serina!