Monday, May 26, 2008

God Bless America


Happy Memorial day to our American Pilgrim Pilgrim Pals
Vicki, Donna, Jel, Pilot-Mom & Dad, Lisa J, Susan Walker, Heather, Passing-thru, and all of Arlene's family.


Love from Pilgrim David and the Canadian Pilgrim Pals, Little Missionary Julie, Little Pilgrim Pal, Little Montreal Girl, Saija, Julie Sweet Inspirations, Mark Fisher, Lauren-Mary, Laura-Mae,
Terry, and last but NOT least our three Pilgrim Pals across the ocean, Rodney in Australia, Amrita in India and Felisol on the far side of the sea in Norway.

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hebrews 11:1 said...

Hey, does it count that I am American....and still waiting on my Canadian citzenship due to a really strange error?! ;) Just teasing...

Happy Memorial Day to all my fellow Americans,