Saturday, May 24, 2008

I'm Blessed!

Yes, I am truly blessed by all the Pilgrim Pals!

It's unbelievable to me how much the Pals are encouraged by my openness! What a switch! I'm allowed to be human - unlike in my workplace - no room for sadness or illness of any kind there it seems. My manager believes in positive thinking as the key - what a farce - we are supposed to go around saying "all is right with the universe" and quote Oprah as if she were God - I don't think so!!

I was reflecting on Jonah and how he ran from God's call and ended up in the belly of a fish! Such darkness! He sure had time to reflect and repent for being fearful of God's call. Can I ever relate. I think I've been in the belly of a great fish for about 8 years - since running away from my call to missions. Hope I get spit out soon :) I got so fearful about money at a time when I didn't need to be...I had absolutely no debt - NONE and was offered a severance package from municipal government - the door was wide opened but I chose to listen to the prince of this world, rather than the Prince of Peace. I ran back to a government job. It's been a turbulent ride since then. My spirit has never been settled. Now, deep in the belly of the fish - in this darkness - I believe God is giving me a great gift - a chance to seek Him with all my heart. He is telling me, "It is not too late Julie. My call on your life never changed as it did not change for Jonah. It did not change for Peter even when he denied knowing me! I am the Lord who restores the plans I have for you!"

It will be a long, hard road back to that opened door to missionary work. I'm now in debt - more than ever and of course I did buy a condo. Don't get me wrong, I believe the condo is God's idea - He blessed me with it.

So, only a few days into my leave from work and God is showing me some awesome things about Himself.

Praise Jesus!

Julie - His Little Missionary

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Terry said...

Yes you ARE blessed Little Missionary Julie and you are a blessing to all of us as David said!!
Have a great weekend and give Alfie F a little squeeze for me!!Love Terry