Saturday, May 31, 2008

Good Words From Amrita

On Monday we did not have electricity for 5 hours, but it rained , so it was bearable.Sonia and I went shopping in the rain.Yesterday we did not have electricity for 8 hours.I was sick by the end of it.The heat fries your brain.And when we can 't run our water pump our tank is depleted.But I comfort myself by saying I am not the only one going through this -millions of my compatriots are reeling under the blow.Suffering means - I am a card carrying member of the human club.Maybe I 've got a gold card membership.I wanted Sonia to stay longer but her hubby phoned her yesterday saying he is planning a holiday in Ludhiana (the Punjab) and Simla (hill resort), so she will leave a few days earlier.Sometimes I wish for get a few days off where I don 't want to be responsible for anything - that will be my holiday. Just switch off my body and brain for a while - is that possible above the ground?But I will hold on to the words from the Bible - Do not be weary in well doing for you will get your reward in due time. And Jesus said;In the world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer I have overcome the world.The second WORD is specially for when there is no electricity and water and the heats killing you.P.S. Premission granted to use this as a sermon illustration. LOL

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Amrita said...

Thank you Terry for posting this .
The Word encourages us to be a good soldier of Jesus Christ and that 's what i am trying to be.
I am weak but He is strong.

The Lord upholds me in my many moments of weakness.