Sunday, May 25, 2008

Smokey and Willow

Our Pilgrim Pal Terry has asked if we're taking our cat Willow with us when we move. Yes, Terry, we are. I guess we haven't mentioned our other cat, Smokey, in these posts but Smokey is going too. We hope they don't make the 20 mile journey back to Cavan after we've finally made the move. We might be Pilgrims but I pray that the cats aren't. - David


Terry said...

Oh!!! There is Willow! No, I didn't know about Smokey!
David you will have to make them stay indoors for about two weeks or else they WILL be making that 20mile trip back!!! Ha!! It looks like they are partners in crime!
Thanks so much for letting me know about that Willow.
Have a wonderful Lords Day...Love Terry

Saija said...

awww ..

leo is STILL missing our fearless feline ... and also little squeaks who we only had for 3 months ( i was the meanie who wanted to give away the very active kitten!) ...

the cats DO help make the move smoother! i'm glad our fearless feline was around for it ...

hebrews 11:1 said...

Those cats are so pretty, Pilgrim! The calico especially is a beauty! I think she's pretty than any we got to rescue, of the calicos that is. We've rescued some really pretty cats and kittens in our work!

God bless you,