Thursday, May 22, 2008

From Erin's Dad

Yesterday was The Robinson Middle School 8th grade graduation. I was dreading going but would not have been anywhere else. Erin was honored in such a nice way with a moment of silence and a picture and poem on the program. That school, the staff and kids, has been a great source of strength for me during Erin's sickness and passing. I saw lots of the kids still wearing their "Pray for Erin" bracelets and Those wooden crosses that one of the kids made and I feel honored to know that She is still on their hearts and minds. I know that God is being glorified through all this. It brought tears to my eyes when the kids presented Mr. Nash with a Bible as a gift. I am so proud of not just Erin but all of the kids at Robinson who are bold in their faith. I hope all of you continue to walk with God close to your heart and mind throughtout your entire life. I feel like I have lost my purpose in life but am seeking God diligently to show me His new purpose for me. I know nothing happens without His forethought. I've been going to Celebration Church and really enjoy it out there. It's casual and I feel at home there. The Lord has blessed me by giving me the desire to be back in Church. It's impossible to go to church to satisfy someone else and receive a blessing. You have got to go for You! I have struggled in the past with that and I have made up my mind regardless who wants me to go I need to go for me! I pray that I can become an example to my friends family and loved ones and I hope they can receive the same desire I have. God has used Erin and these circumstances to affect my life in a positive way and I thank Him for it. After the honors program yesterday I drove by the cemetery. I pulled up to Erin's grave and there were several of her friends from school there. I was so glad they took time out of their special day to honor Erin with there gifts of flowers and balloons and their Love. I have been amazed at how much Erin was loved by everyone! It makes me feel so good! Thanks again Robinson School! I love all you guys!
Chris (Erin's dad)

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Felisol said...

Dear Erin's family,
you are all in my prayers.
From Felisol