Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pilot-Mom Will Be Pilot-Mom-In-Law This Sunday!

Hello?......Hello? H E L L O......Anyone out there? I don't blame you if you have stopped dropping in. I haven't been around much and I haven't even left any goodies in the refrigerator for you to nibble on or to quench your thirst! I have been a terrrible hostess! Please forgive me. It's almost over...and then life will return to "normal," whatever normal is.
What is "it?" Oh, please, let me explain. "It" is the wedding! The wedding of a lifetime (naturally, that's because that is how long marriages last)!! I have been neglecting my blog site and I confess that readily. But you see, between the ballroom dancing classes, the shopping, finding the right pair of shoes to go with my dress, making sure Pilot Dad got measured for his tux, and finding airplanes, (yes, that is correct, airplanes) to fly above the potted mums on each table at the rehearsal dinner, and this unfinished list continues on because I haven't included finishing turning Pilot's bedroom/turned storage room back into a bedroom (which, ahem, is still not finished but we are making headway) or getting food cooked for all the family members staying in our home (18--tyvm)! Whew! Is that the longest run-on sentence you have ever read? *sheepish grin*
So periodically I post something lame just so some of you might manage to still drop by and check me out. I admit it. I love each and every one of you who do take the time and I have missed interacting with you all VERY much. However, I confess, it will continue like this until after the wedding, after the fam leaves, and after Pilot Dad and I take a short mini vacation for 3 nights and four days to Wyoming! Yep, we are leaving on the 8th (June) and returning on the 11th. I can hardly wait!!! At that time, I do believe most things will be *magically* returned to normal and I can return to my *normal* programming, where you, my readers will be free to move about the premises! *grin*
Please don't forget about me. Keep checking in (if you are already doing so) and I promise I'll return to regular posting after the wedding! *blowing kisses*


Felisol said...

Dear Pilot Mom,
I pray that this will be the happiest day ever since Pilot was born, and that your dancing shoes work out fine.
Hugs from Feliosl

Terry said...

Ha!! Felisol...
I can just imagine that little lady danciing the night through with those dancing shoes!! Probably be a long time before we hear from her too because she will have to rest for a whole week. Maybe that is why she has planned a vacation for a second honey moon with here dear Pilot-Husband!! Love Terry