Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Testimonies like these that I "drop" in from time to time is to ENCOURAGE the BRETHREN - in 1972 in our little home mission church, a resturant on the edge of town converted to a house of God, we put a steeple on it , and a 20'ft Cross outside with spot lights on it and in the front window of the church we had a cross with special paint and "black" lights shining on it - it stood out so nice in the dark --anyway - there was a woman, a big boned large 6foot plus woman who had been raped at a young age in this small town, a bitter hard woman , a woman who would go into the drinking places and fight till the police came and took her away many times - we would "witness" to her and one day she came into church - one of our young ladies also took to being her friend, one time she kept Susan a prisoner in her home till I talked her into letting her go - angry , out of control woman , one Sunday nite when this woman was in the service , she got up angrily and walked out - when Church closed for the evening , I took my family home and there on the porch was this woman with Susan , Susan came up to me as I got out of the car, she said, "pastor" don't go to the house , this woman is going to hurt you ! (this woman beat up half the bad guys in town- even the police were afraid of her) - I said it would be ok - I went up to her (her name was Beverly) I approached her and said , tell me whats wrong - she said "I DON'T LIKE YOUR PREACHING - HELL AND SIN and U make me angry - I said "Beverly" U need the Saviour , HE loves U and U won't let HIM come in and make you different -- she came into the parsonage and we talked and prayed , she got SAVED - REALLY SAVED - she changed completely - witnessing to the townspeople - everyone knew that Beverly was changed - from a DRUNK TO A SAINT -- she won people to the Lord - she moved away a few years later - I got a letter from her just before she passed away - with tears and love she praised God for this young pastor that showed her JESUS ------- even now as I type this , I am shedding tears of joy , I can hardly type -- What a Blessing , this Beverly Mollet came to be , THANKS BE TO GOD ----- let us labour in HIS VINEYARDS ---- passing-thru


Terry said...

Dear Passing-thru.
This post has made me shed tears too!
It is such a touching story.
Just to think that you will see that lady in heaven some day, this lady that was genuinely saved!
She reminds me of Peter O.
I have him on my favorite links on my blog.
Because he was a drug addict, the two men that wanted to bring the gospel to him were quite afraid of going to visit him, but one of the men decided that the Lord would surely protect them and he convinced the other gentleman that it was something important that they HAD to do!
Well, it took courage but finally after working with Peter for a length of time, he too like your lady, Passing-thru was genuinely saved.
Peter died over a year ago at a young age and when I found his salvation story on the internet, I had Noel Lewis put it on my favorite links. It is well worth listening to.
Peter was a full time preacher for a few years after he was commended to the work by the Brethren.
He died doing what he loved to do, bringing the good message of God's saving grace to sinners.

The Gospel is BAD news for "good" people but GOOD news for "bad" people!!
The BEST news that your lady ever heard Passing-thru!
The BEST news that Peter O ever heard!
And the very BEST news that this prodigal ever heard!

I just loved this, your story so much Passing-thru!
Keep them coming1

God bless you as you are surely blessing all of us!...from Pilgrim pal, Terry

passing-thru said...


hebrews 11:1 said...


Lil Pilgrim Pal

susanwalkergirl said...

Praise God for the power of His word which is the power of salvation for all who believe. If you don't know about sin and death and it's eternal consequences...there is no need for salvation.

Preach it Preachers!