Thursday, July 26, 2007

Obeying God's Promptings

A Remarkably True Story...

For fifteen years I owned and managed the local Christian book store in my hometown of Peterborough, Ontario. This had been a dream of mine since I was a teenager and it came to fruition in 1971. I was only 25 years old when I purchased the Ambassador Bible Book Store. The store was sold in 1986 when I went into another form of full-time Christian ministry, Epistle Sports Ministries.

During those fruitful years at the store we saw God's hand at work in wonderful ways.

One morning I felt led by the Lord to post a sign on the wall behind the cash register. It read, "IF YOU WOULD LIKE SOMEONE TO PRAY WITH YOU, ASK FOR DAVID" I didn't hear an audible voice but there was no mistaking the fact that God wanted that sign on the wall. It was posted around 9:15, 15 minutes before the store was to open.

At 9:30 two ladies were waiting for me to unlock the door. They walked back to the counter, read the sign and the elder of the two, Elsie Knott, asked for David. I told her that I was David and she asked if I would pray with her.

I led her back to a quiet room at the rear of the store and asked another staff member to "look after the floor" while I met with Elsie. She told me that she had left her home at the Curve Lake Indian Reserve that morning, determined that she was going to "get saved" that day.

She stopped to see a pastor in a small town north of Peterborough. Willard Day wasn't home. Next she tried to see Russell King, a Christian plumber in Lakefield. He was not home either. In desperation Elsie told her daughter that someone at the Christian book store would be able to help so they drove to Peterborough.

When I asked Elsie how I could pray for her she told me that she wanted to become a Christian. I began to explain the way of salvation to her but she told me that she already knew "how". She actually explained the steps to salvation to me so I knew that she was knowledgeable about these matters. She told me that she just needed someone to lead her in "the sinner's prayer". After discussing the matter a little longer, I led in prayer and Elsie was gloriously saved, born-again, set free from the bondage she was experiencing.

Elsie Knott because the first female Indian chief (Ojibway) in Canada and went on to have a powerful testimony amongst her native people. She undertook to have a new, evangelical church built on the reservation and asked me to participate in the dedication service.

Elsie appeared on 100 Huntley Street, Canada's daily Christian television program, and shared her testimony. It was exciting to hear her recount the events of that glorious morning in the book store.

Years later when Elsie was called "home" I had the joy of being involved in her funeral, explaining to the many family, friends and guests how she had come to know Jesus Christ personally.

What a special morning that was! God prompted me by His Spirit to put that sign on the wall. He had already been moving in Elsie's heart to bring her to the book store. Who knows what would or wouldn't have happened if I had not obeyed the heavenly calling.

When God prompts, don't delay! Just obey! You'll be glad you did! I am!



Wonderful story! Thanks for sharing.

Julie (LM)

Pilot Mom said...

Oh, this gives me goose bumps! What a glorious story! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

Terry said...

Oh David!!!!from Terry

Please keep praying for my dad!

passing-thru said...

That is so NEAT --- I love it when "THAT PROMPTING" is the ALMIGHTY GOD moving thru vessels of clay --


thx for sharing that , a nice way to wake up and read a blessing like that

Julie said...

Thank you for sharing that story. I knew Elsie, as I attended the Baptist Church in Lakefield where she also attended...her daugther Rita was my Sunday School teacher. I have very fond memories of her, and I'm glad to know that she was saved! I remember her singing in church every so favourite was when she would sing a well known favourite in just seemed even more special when she sang it in her own language.

She is someone that I can not wait to see again in heaven!

hebrews 11:1 said...

Oh, Mr. Fisher, REALLY like this story! Thank you so much for sharng it!

Lil Pilgrim Pal
(who just came home from a good, long HOT walk with Nemo)