Monday, July 30, 2007


OUR TERRY is sad right now , I don't know why, so Pilgrims , lets remember TERRY in prayer --- we are lifting U before the Throne Terry ------------ we love U ------------


passing-thru said...

I posted this on Terry but was going to tell Donna and I see that she is under attack from the devil --- This may be the reason Terry is sad --- so BRETHREN ARISE - "THE BATTLE IS ON " Donna needs prayer

donna said...

Terry should not be sad for me. She is my friend and has done nothing to be sad about. I do not want or need prayer....I want to be left alone. I am not tired is does not have anything to do with the wedding....the battle isnt on...the devil already won. please leave me alone.

passing-thru said...

Well Donna , we are going to battle for U anyway - the devil hasn't won a thing -- your GOD'S CHILD and U know it and we know it - EVEN IF THE devil won one little skirmish in your life, CHRIST HAS WON THE BATTLE FOR YOUR SOUL AND IT IS BOUGHT AND PAID FOR BY THE BLOOD OF THE CROSS --

we love U enough not to stop praying -

passing-thru said...

Oh Donna ! U took out your name along with your daughters on "A cup of water in His Name" -
Years ago in the ministry, I was so discouraged and angry that I was fuming about a certain family and all evening long I fumed - so discouraged I didn't want GOD any more or people -- about 11oclock that nite as I sat in my living room angry - a knock at the door came and it was a pastor from the Boston area , he was holding camp meetings about 40 miles south of me, we lived in a small town in the mountains - I said shocked Bill ? He said , Bob , the Lord told me tonight, that U were needing prayer and to go to U - I didn't want to pray or anything , I invited him in and he started to pray by the couch and I just sat there- half hour of praying and GOD RE-LIT my FIRE -- this pastor then got up and left and I have never seen him since -- WE ARE PRAYING , period .