Saturday, July 28, 2007

Trusting God

While getting caught up with a little blog reading, I came across this quote from one of my blogging buddies and thought it would be well worth posting on the Pilgrim Pals.
I have included it with a purple flax field, a photo I took last year while visiting my beloved Manitoba.

We are called by God to trust Him, and Him alone, to meet our needs and to be our total source of supply. Furthermore, God requires that we obey Him as part of our trusting Him. We have the situation completely backward anytime we start expecting God to trust us to know what is right and to obey our commands so that He might prove His love for us. Our position is one of standing before God, declaring, “I trust You completely to meet my needs in Your timing and according to Your methods.”
–Charles Stanley


passing-thru said...

Well said Terry - So often we hear these tv evangelists spouting just the opposite - since when does the creature demand of the Creator -- your post is good and helps establish the Right Foundation in which to live the Christian life that pleases God -

susanwalkergirl said...

Dear Terry...Charles of my favorite Pastors. He speaks to my heart...and always points us back to Jesus.

One thing I've learned is my faith grows when I trust in God...even when my circumstances are difficult. It's surrendering my will to His. Knowing that if He ordain my circumstances...He has a purpose and a plan behind them.

In Touch Ministries has some tremendous resources available. Sermons online and many study materials.

By the that picture. God has gifted you dear one.