Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tuned Together

The following devotional appeared on David Jeremiah's Turning Point site today. Truly, if we are in tune with our Creator, God, we will live in harmony with each other. Idealistic? Yes! Realistic? Can be! Let's strive for that unity in spirit by staying close to the Father. - David

"Has it ever occurred to you that one hundred pianos all tuned to the same fork are automatically tuned to each other? They are of one accord by being tuned, not to each other, but to another standard to which each one must individually bow. So one hundred worshippers [meeting] together, each one looking away to Christ, are in heart nearer to each other than they could possibly be, were they to become ‘unity' conscious and turn their eyes away from God to strive for closer fellowship."

These are the words of A. W. Tozer, who clearly understood the importance of fellowshipping with believers in order to keep our minds and hearts turned toward the Lord.

On our own, it is easy to become out of tune and start living a life that is in disagreement with God's standard. But when we surround ourselves with the body of in-tune believers, our ears are suddenly opened, and we hear our need for a spiritual tuning.

"Keep yourself in tune with the Lord by staying in consistent fellowship with other believers. There are many things which a person can do alone, but being a Christian is not one of them. As the Christian life is, above all things, a state of union with Christ and of union of His followers with one another, love of the brethren is inseparable from love of God." - William T. Ham


passing-thru said...

EXCELLENT POST with so much truth for the pilgrim journeying

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

How very true these words are! The only time I'm really in fellowship with Christians these days is on Pilgrim Pals and at Sunday service. I pray in the fall when things get going at church that I will get into a good small christian group that meets during the week.


Terry said...

We have to be tuned and stayed tuned together...we just HAVE to....from Pilgrim pal, Terry

I forget which preacher quoted this poem when I was a teenager but it is a good one.

To live above with those we love
Oh that will be the glory!
To live below with those we know,
Well...THAT'S a different story!

Pilot Mom said...

Excellent thoughts. It is a great analogy...being tuned to a higher standard.