Thursday, July 26, 2007

Yes, God Can Handle Anger

As a child, a wee person who knew very little about God, His will, His timing or His love, I prayed a very simple prayer. It went something like this....

Dear God,
Thank you for mommy and daddy and for my brothers and sisters and please God, give me a good day. Amen

As an adult who now has an intimate relationship with goes more like this

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for loving me and breathing new life into me. Use me this day to bring glory to Your kingdom

I read Julie's post from yesterday and returned to the site several times in an effort to comment. I remained silent, knowing others would and could minister to her in my moment of lack. Often times when someone's experiences parallel mine, I am not fully equipped to respond. I have to remind myself that the long and brutal assault on my heart is more easily fought when I take it to Jesus first.

I am always reminded as a writer, that words are powerful. Love is one of the more beautiful words of our language because it is one that always seemed easy for me to do....easy, until I realized it is not just a pleasing sentiment or passionate is a commandment..."thou shalt love." Which brings me to two words that are more difficult for me to live out....relinquish and obedience. My question then is ... can I under stand how to give or receive love without relinquishing all of my life in obedience to the commandment? I don't think so.

Which then brings me to the refining process, the fiery trials, the dying to self. But oh how well God knows my heart and He knows the experiences and emotions that I continue to allow satan to control...and oh, how well I know satan loves to invade, manipulate and disable my journey....words such as fear, anger, lust, jealousy.

So Julie, I read your words and my heart aches with you , I cry with you...and I find that I, myself must desperately cling to my Father, draw near to Him and ask Him to deliver me from the grips of satan which lead to oppression, depression. I ask Him to bring me to a place of decision...where I can once and for all relinquish the fear, the doubt and anger, to a place where obedience leads to some unimagined is where I will find my blessing and where I will experience my greatest love story....

Please dont't stay away too long
Praying for you


passing-thru said...

Good post Donna -- solid words -- key to so much is Obedience , of which I have failed so often -- but God is pleased with Obedience , to what ? to His Word - He says its better than sacrifice -- we would hear from God more often I think if we would Obey --- your words coming from a person that has struggled so are rich and will bless --

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Dear Donna, thank you for your words - written as one who understands the battle all too well.

As a friend once groaned to me, "it's not easy being Christian." We know who is so often behind the battles and we feel powerless but the thing I know is we are NOT powerless - Jesus gave us power over demons - for some reason I don't implement it effectively - I'm guessing. I know I am also my own worst enemy at times - satan can actually sit back and watch me destroy myself - I know this and yet when I'm in the midst of the battle like yesterday, I lie down and take the hits!! It's frustrating to say the least.

hebrews 11:1 said...

Oh, what a great post...I mean it is really touching and encouraging!

Thank you!

Lil Pilgrim Pal