Friday, July 27, 2007


STILL REMEMBER PILGRIM DAVID -----prayed earlier and could feel the Presence of God in prayer -- I have no doubt that the saints praying that David received Help from the Lord ---

NOW TESTIMONY OF GOD working in lives of our regulars -- Heb 11:1 gave good testimony and here is a beauty from Terry --- TESTIFY BRETHREN , defeats satan and his evil work --

Terry said...
A few years ago well, I guess it must be almost 20 now, Bernie and I were involved with the CB and had met quite a few people through it.I was able to make several connections with children of the CBers and used to fill our station wagon full of kids each week to take them out to Sunday School.Well, one time there came a series of Gospel meetngs and lots of the adults from the CBers,when I invited them out to these special meetings, came out to hear the gospel.I had a best friend in the CB group and her name was Linda. Because she WAS my best frend, for some reason, I had never invited her and one day she plainly asked me, "Terry, how come you have asked Nicky and all the others to go to church and you have never asked ME?"I want to know why you and Bernie are different!Then I told her why, "Linda, you are my best friend and through my whole life I have never really HAD a best friend and have always been rejected and I was so afraid that if I asked you, you would say "No".That is when my eyes were finally opened and I saw the foolishness of the whole idea and my own selfishness."Well ask me now""Will you and Paul come Linda?""Yes, we will!"Well she and Paul DID come and were both gloriously saved.Ths is what happened..One early morning, I heard a knock at the door and it was Linda.'Terry" she told me, "Last night about 3 in the morning, I couldn't sleep and I got to reading the Bible plaque that the preachers gave to me[John 3:16] and I finally saw how that Jesus has died for ME and Terry I am saved!!"Just then there came another knock at the door and it was Marie, another of my CB friends and I thought to myself. "Oh no!This girl hates Linda and Linda hates HER!"So I wondered what was going to happen.I didn't have to wonder too long.."Hi Marie" Linda said. Guess what?Last night I got saved!"Marie took one look at Linda's shining face and said, 'Well Bus Driver[Linda's CB name] "that is real cool!"From that day forth Marie treated Linda with love and respect and when any of the other CB people gave her a hard time and made fun of her for being born again, Marie would tell them to "knock it off"!The very year that Linda was saved, she came down with MS.Even so, she wanted to be baptised and it was a happy day when both her and Paul were baptised one Sunday evening and Linda went on to join the fellowship of Christians.Papere Dube used to have to pick her up for meetings in a van that he had equipped with special equipment to pick her and her wheelchair up.Linda has been in a nursing home about 15 years now and even though her mind has been affected, she still remembers John 3:16 and who knows how many people will be in heaven because of that sweet voice speaking these precious words in the nursing home, "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life. For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen!"This is exactly how she says it.Most days she doesn't even know her own name but she knows who the Lord is!!She has never forgotten HIM!From Pilgrim pal Terry

GLORIOUS TESTIMONY , TERRY ---- Thx so much for sharing ----- We are praying still for U David --- Lord Bless --- We hold u up before the Lord --passing-thru


prayingsensfaninmontreal said...

Prayer request.

Please pray for a man named Tony Proudfoot. This man "stapled" his way into the hearts of Montrealers in 1977 when almost single-handedly lifted the Aluettes to a Grey Cup victory. He saved the life of one of the men shot in the Dawson shooting by his quick reaction. In February he was diagnosed with A.L.S. Tony does the color commentary for Alouettes games on CJAD 800. I have noticed him getting worse. Last night he had problems saying one of the players' names, a name that isn't really that difficult,(Avon Cobourne).
Tony has mentioned before that "God is an interesting person and I would like to know him, but not now." Please pray that he comes to know the Lord in a personal way. He is searching. Pray also for his wife, Vickie,and his three children, Wayne, Micheal, and his daughter I forgot her name. For more on Tony go to on the left side bar click on: CJAD team then click on Tony's name at the bottom of his "about me" there is the story on the staple gun.

Thank you for praying.
Little Montreal Girl


Terry, what a great story! Thanks for sharing it.

Montreal Girl, I will be praying for Tony's salvation.

~Pilot Mom

passing-thru said...

Thx prayinsensfan --- prayed and will try and remember Tony Proudfoot ---
"Even now Father, by Your Spirit, touch the life of this man, bring LIFE to his deadness, and Save Him in Jesus Name"

Terry said...

Dear Passing-thru
That was so nice of you to post my comment and with that lovely picture which I first saw on my friend Susan's blog.

After Linda got so sick that she needed much help, her husband, Paul and I tried so hard to look after her so she could stay at home.
Bernie helped all that he could too, but it was really hard for Paul and then one day Linda told him that she wanted to go to the hospital.
The treatment that Linda took was experimental--Chemo, in fact!
She had agreed to take the treatment and be used as a sort of guinea pig for others suffering from MS.
If it helped her she said , then it would help them.
It gave her brain damage.
Usually people with MS keep all their intelligence and their muscles are what is affected.
Linda has less pain with her disease but her thinking and speaking are mostly all gone because of the experimental treatment.

It is just so incredible, though, when you ask her to "say your verse", she will oblige and never make a mistake.
One time when I was visiting Linda, the first thing I did, as usual, when I entered her room was to ask her, "Linda say your verse."
Well just as soon as Pam, her roommate heard that, she quickly piped in right away and quoted John 3:16.
Just perfect NO misitakes!
Well when Linda heard this, she got really annoyed and fairly yelled at Pam saying.."That is MY verse!"
Passing-thru, I just couldn't help it.
I laughed!
It just struck me so funny and yet sadly that some people will just refuse to hear this verse and yet these two ladies were fighting over whose verse it WAS!...from Pilgrim pal Terry

Still praying for David. We don't know the problem but God does!.


Thx Terry --- good follow up on Linda's story --- I also have one of an English Teacher , a classy , sophisticated Methodist church woman with MS that we were able to lead to the Lord -- will share that in the future ---
Yes, on David --- The Lord knows and we are doing our part --
Lord Bless U Terry

Terry said...

Dear Little Montreal Girl...I will surely be praying for Tony,
This is going to be a hard battle for him and a hard one for his family.
If he gets saved though, it will be much easier for him to handle.
Sometimes I think that if Linda hadn't of met the Lord before she got Multiple Sclerosis, that it might of been much harder for her to cope.
We will pray for the whole family..Love Mrs. Shirkie

hebrews 11:1 said...

Hi, all!

I really enjoyed the testimony, Mrs. Shirkie...Now I've been a little distracted as I just see my sister comment (she wrote that while I was out), and my eyes are filled with tears again, like when my brother first told me the news...Actually, I mentioned it awhile ago, but I said I couldn't type it up till I gathered all my thoughts, because it hit me like a rock. I will never forget when he told of the young man whose ife helped save on that terrible September day...and to think that young man was Leslie Markofsky, ho many Christians and Jews alike prayed for to come through...and Leslie miraculously pulled through it all. Now we just pray for his salvation...and Mr. Proudfoot's....

Lil Pilgrim Pal