Thursday, July 26, 2007


Wanting to post something that would Bless the believers - Scripture is always good, testimony always works - Its' hard for Christian and the unsaved, to work all day and come home , tired, noisy kids, bills overdue -- even if people have "it made", without Christ , life has no meaning other than buying a bigger toy or if saved and not working for the Kingdom, life becomes flat - The Lord Jesus said " I have come that ye might have Life and Life more abundantly, that is ONLY possible thru the Working of the Holy Spirit -- getting "saved" is only the beginning - ABUNDANT LIFE AND LIVING comes not from how cushiony our lives have become but by being Entirely Surrendered , Totally Consecrated, then GOD HIMSELF takes the "gift" and sanctifies the offerring - and this is done daily , if we hold back , in any area, then that Blessing of His Presence working thru us slows down - as we say "Lord take all of me " then "It is God that worketh in U both to Will and to Do of His good pleasure" - we move from the milk of the Word to the Meat of the Word - praying with all supplication unto the Lord - Positionally we are sanctified , experientially, we are being made daily - a progressive work - "Christ is made unto us Salvation, Sanctification , A Sweet Smelling Odour unto GOD HIMSELF -- are we living in the SPIRIT -- PRAYING IN THE SPIRIT - WORKING IN THE SPIRIT -- therein lies the issue - yes , we will still be tired when we get home from work - bills will still be overdue - struggles daily against the flesh -- but WE ARE LIVING VICTORIOUSLY IN CHRIST BY THE HOLY SPIRT --- THE ENABLER -- THE PARACLETE --- praise God forever -- passing-thru


Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

You do bless the believers here, passing-thru!


passing-thru said...

U bless us Julie -- hang in there - go slow and steady and trust - your a wonderful woman with so much to offer - all we can do is give ourselves to God and trust as we move along with Him -- HE has nothing but good intentions for U -- even the Christians that suffered for Him , they were thrilled , not for the pain but for the privilege - may I be as faithful -- Lord Bless U Julie