Monday, July 30, 2007

Pit Stop in Peterborough

While driving home today I noticed an F18 fighter jet circling close to the airport (and our home). I picked up Nathan and went back to the airport to see if the jet had landed. It had! How exciting! I'm an airplane buff and I'd never seen a Canadian Forces jet at our airport before.

One of the pilots/captains came over to the fence where a dozen or so "flight fanatics" were standing and fielded questions from us. Jameel Janjua and the other pilot, Brandon Robinson, are stationed at CFB Bagotville, Quebec. They were doing manoeuvres and needed to refuel.

Brandon's parents live in the area so he radioed them to say they were refueling in Peterborough. His father is a pilot as well so his parents flew down in their private plane to meet him. They hadn't been together since Christmas.

Nathan and I drove home to get Matthew and my camera. I wanted to watch them taxi and take off. As the plane built up speed, the roar of the engines was deafening. Being a plane buff, and a NASCAR fan (by the way), the sound brought tears to my eyes.

We spoke with Brandon's parents after the F18 disappeared from sight. They were certainly pleased that they had a brief visit with their son over lunch.

The boys and I were grateful for a divinely appointed diversion in the middle of our day.

God is good!

Claire (Pilot Mom): I certainly was thinking of you and Jim while I was at the airport. It sure gave me a greater appreciation of what it must be like to be a Pilot Mom.


passing-thru said...

A real nice post !

and yes on Pilot Mom -- she has contributed some good stuff in here --

Pilot Mom said...

Oh David! How I would love to have been there, too! Even though it wasn't our son. I love to watch the planes do their "thing." Whenever I went up to Hill Air Force Base to the commissary or to pick up my mom's prescriptions I would always take time to watch in awe.

I can hardly wait until the time we will get to see the C-130 with James. One of these days when we get to visit him! Well, that will be after he returns from his deployment. He is to go to the hot sands in November. *sigh*

My heart always swells with pride for our young men (and women) who are privileged to fly for our countries. I was right there beside you! :) Thanks for the pics!

David Warren Fisher said...


Thanks for your comment! Be sure to tell us when Pilot is deployed so we can make him the center of our prayers.

Much love in Christ,


hebrews11:1 said...

My sister is going to LOVE this post...when we were little, my parents would frequently drive down to Plattsburgh, where there was an AFB...before Clinton closed it, but that's another story. We would watch the jets fly in and out, and my dad, who works with airplanes would tell us which one was which, what it was used for, etc. My sister was born with a love for the military, I don't know why, but she made my grandfather proud. She still loves and daily prays for the men and women who serve our countries courageously...she is special.

I wish I was there, too! Sounds like it was fun. Where in QC is that place? I've never heard of it.

God bless you all,
Lil Pilgrim Pal