Saturday, July 28, 2007


Ever notice how a "new born-again" Christian seems to be able to "believe" God or God finds it easier to work "thru" a new Christian ! Somewhere in our "growth" we lose that "edge" .
I got saved in June of 1967 and a month later drove to R.I. and witnessed to my folks, who upon hearing me , thought I had gone "mad" and looked at me like I had 3 eyeballs. I went back to N.Y. for the next few months, The Lord worked and Mon and Dad got saved in Sept. of 1967. I moved back home in October. The 2nd nite home, I had a dream of a family friend we used to visit many years earlier. The dream was of "Janet" crying out for someone to tell her about Jesus !. In the morning, I said to my mom , we need to go and find Janet Perry, she wants to know about Jesus ! Well, my mom thought I was over the edge ! - She said , we don't even know if they live in the old home still plus she is married by now and moved on -- I said , Mom , I know God wants me to go and talk to her !. Reluctantly my mom agreed to go with me- we drove to the old site and sure enough , they didn't live there anymore -with some digging around , we found another place where they did live and I got the new address for Janet who is now married . We find the place and knock on the door -- Janet answers the door and is shocked to see old friends -- We walk in and I said , Janet, The Lord told me last nite that U wanted to know about Jesus -- Janet's eyes get big and she bursts out crying -- This is what she said -- My life was empty and I knew there had to be more, last nite I cried all night for God to have someone to show me about Jesus ---- I told her how I got saved and my mom and we led her to SAVING FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST -- we were brand new Christians ourselves but God was able to use us ----- passing-thru
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Pilot Mom said...

I love to hear how God works through dreams. I haven't heard too many stories of His working through dreams here in America. I know He has. But compared to overseas...WOW! He is mightily working through dreams, especially in the Muslim world. Of course, most times, that is the only way for them to learn about Him. Then they go and seek out someone who can share Christ with them.

passing-thru said...

Well , we were still brand new Christians, Claire, I was but a few months old in the faith and knew nothing of such things - just was so alive in Christ and had a zeal to share Christ - I didn't know doctrines or differences of churches just knew JESUS - and sure enough Janet Perry was crying the night before to have someone show her about Jesus - I had many more "adventures" IN CHRIST in those early years -- will share as time goes on-- Lord Bless