Thursday, July 26, 2007

Update on Ronnie

Update on RON
The MRI results showed abnormal and that this indeed is a tumor/mass and they will have a pathologist there on Monday taking it to the lab to check for cancer. IT will be 5-7 days before we get a final report! We appreciate the overwhelming responses that you all have given us! Oh you just dont have any idea of the strength that we have received from you all! I just cant tell you enough how very much we appreciate it! Thank you for standing in agreement with us that this is just nothing more than a distraction from the devil. I am speaking life into my husband! He will be down for a few days...but he will get up!!!I will keep you all posted as I learn more!God is pleased with your faithfulness to us!xxooLisa


passing-thru said...

will be praying for Ron --
God is Faithful, here at "pals" people will pray --
Lord Bless , Lisa and thanks for sharing -


susanwalkergirl said...

Dearest Lisa...we serve a mighty God. We know that He is able to accomplish what concerns us today. May He hold you in the cleft of the Rock as the storm passes by. I pray that He will strengthen you and Ron and sustain you. Remember Lisa and Ron...there is no panic in heaven...only plans.

May He give you an overwhelming sense of peace during this time. I pray the you will be overwhelmed with the knowledge of Jesus' great love for you. That He will bring people alongside you to encourage you in your faith. May it never waver.