Monday, July 30, 2007

DESPERATE But Trusting

Dear Pilgrim Pals: I just sent out the BRETT BUTLER prayer request to our e-mail list of 600 plus friends. I added the following personal update:


It's been a busy summer for Carol, me and the family! Matthew (11) spent a week at Camp Medeba, a Bible camp he has attended for four years now. He had a great time again! Nathan (10)spent a week at golf camp and then last week attended a half-day basketball camp at one of our local churches. Our granddaughter Victoria (15 tomorrow) has spent two weeks at Graphite Bible Camp counselling. Tamara (27), the young lady that we provide care for was away at the Christian Horizons camp for a week. Carol and I wish they could all be away at the same time so we could have a break. Maybe someday!

We took Matthew, Nathan and Victoria to Splash Lagoon, an indoor water park in Erie, PA in early July. While the rest of the family had fun in Erie, David drove down to Pittsburgh for an afternoon and evening to spend some time with Gabe & Kelly Gross (Milwaukee Brewers).

In between taking kids to camp and picking them up, Carol and I have been packing dozens (seems like hundreds) of boxes and taking them to a storage unit we have rented. Due to financial concerns we will have to sell our home so we've been taking steps to get this heart-breaking process in motion. Thanks for your prayers concerning this.

God is good and we continue to trust Him for a miracle in the days ahead. THANKS FOR STANDING WITH US.


David & Carol Fisher

Note: The part which I colored in red was SO difficult to write. Where is the line between stating your needs and begging? I've always been so afraid of appearing like a beggar that I've erred on the other side and failed to make our needs known.

Anyhow, please pray that God will use this update to move His people to pray and give. THANKS, my dear and beloved PILGRIM PALS.


passing-thru said...

I have hardly known U and Carol, and yet God has made my heart "knit" to yours David -
My heart breaks for the situation U are in -- but I have to believe and U would say the same thing David , THAT GOD KNOWS BEST and IS MORE THAN CAPABLE OF DELIVERING U
- What God has down the road for U , who knows? but this we do know , THAT HE LOVES U - we are praying everyday for U two -- with much love and sincerety, your friend , Bob

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Dear David, I will turn up the prayers for you and Carol. I relate to what you say about begging. It's a fine line. A couple years ago I was unemployed for just over a year. I was facing the possibility of ending up on the street. I didn't want to ask for help from friends and none of them offered - which hurt me. Isn't the Christian family supposed to help?
I had to humble myself and ask my parents for help with groceries! And just at the point of complete desperation a part-time job opened up - it was very hard to make ends meet. Then finally I got full-time work again!

This may be none of my business and out of line but can't your nephew (Mike) help you over the hump? Please don't be upset at me suggesting this.

Prayer just doesn't seem like enough but please know you are in my prayers and heart!

Lord God, move the hearts of those close to David and Carol to lend a helping hand!


hebrews 11:1 said...

I know what you mean about begging...I always think highly of people like Brother Andrew who never told others of his financial difficulties. You did a GREAT job in what you said, and how you phrased it, brother.

I don't know if you ever read "Stories to Share" by Patricia St. John. There is a story about a man with 5 or more chidlren (can't remember exactly), and he did not have any more money. He was living in Jerusalem and those were hard times. But he told his family, we will not tell anyone of our problems. Only the Lord knows. So he went out for a walk and met an old friend. "How are things going, " the friend asked. "Fine. God is taking care of us." the man replied. A few minutes later the old friend returned with baskets of produce. "You cannot tell me that with the banks closed, and all those children to feed that all is well. Here is some food for you." I love that story and I think of it when times are rough here.

Praying BIG still,

Lil Pilgrim Pal