Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Some news...

I just spoke to the owner of the funhouse where I may soon have a job! I am going to meet him for an interview next Tuesday morning (August.7th) at 11 am. This is going to be an interview like I have never had before...I need to do some homework!

He is looking for someone to plan/organize/run a morning playgroup during the week for pre-schoolers. Should I get the job, I would be planning everything (with final approval from him, of course). He wants me to come prepared with ideas, i.e. games, songs, crafts, etc. Sort of an idea of things I could do and ways to help bring people in.

So...I'm a little nervous. I know I can organize activities, but to start it would be a couple days a week...moving to 5 days a week (maybe even twice a day) if it goes really well. So, should I get the job, I will only have a full 5 days a week if there are enough kids coming in to the playgroup. Eek!

I have some ideas already...perhaps my marketing skills learned in college and university will FINALLY be put to use. Plus all those years of teaching Sunday School and Pioneer Club. Oh yeah, and I think having a toddler will be helpful!

I am starting to think that I may just keep Stubby Sally* a few more months until I know what is happening...I could probably hang on until Christmas if I had too! But...I mentioned that I make and decorate cakes and he said he could probably work something out for me in that regard...so maybe I'll be too busy doing cakes anyways that I won't need the bus!

Julie - Sweet Inspirations

* For those of you who don't know who Stubby Sally is...she is the school bus that I drive. I call her Sally - long story but basically I don't feel that a bus that has a name can break down on me! - and David nicknamed her "Stubby" Sally...because she is a short, stubby bus. I think David is a little sad at the thought of her not sitting out in the parking lot...he sees her when he comes to work. Well David...who knows, even if I am still driving bus, I won't have Sally...she is old and is now out to pasture, donating usable parts to other buses in need. :0)


David Warren Fisher said...


Hope things work out for you! You'd be ideal for the job.

Regarding Stubby Sally, may she rest in pieces...diminishing pieces as she is dismantled part by part.

How I will miss her. Maybe you won't have to plug in her replacement in the winter.

God bless!


Terry said...

Dear Julie...I think that you would do really good at that job.
After all, you are just one big kid yourself!!
Those kids would have lots of fun if you were at the helm!!..Love Terry

Julie said...

Thanks...I think the job is perfect for me...but we will see what happens!

As for the bus, well David, ANY bus, regardless of age and ability needs to be plugged in...school buses are fussy beings. If they had their way, they would be inside, out of the cold weather!

I'm sure you can come to love a new bus just as well as Stubby Sally!

Terry said...

When Mom and Dad were first married they lived in a old train car one time.
I wonder if David could get a hold of Stubby Sally and design a nice Pilgrim Pal bus house that he could rent out to us once in a while, when we visit him in Peterborugh.
He could put it in the back forty!!
It would have to be equipped with a computer and internet of course...

From Pilgrim pal, Terry

hebrews 11:1 said...

So glad to hear the great news! I'm sure you'll do just fine in such an exciting job!

Mrs. Shirkie...I love your idea with the Pals bus, but maybe it should do a cross-Canada tour for Pals only...okay, include the US. My siblings and I were recently discussing at the supper table how much time it would take to drive across CA, and how much fun it would be. Then I came out of the childish dream, and popped it all by saying, "Ummm, that would be REALLY expesive, guys! We better wait 'till we're all married, and uh, before we have little children, and then we can try it." It was fun to dream, though!

Lil Pilgrim Pal