Tuesday, July 24, 2007

" PAL'S " HUMOR forgive me please --

Hi , my name is Terry

My favorite place to eat is McDonalds

My favorite food is burnt muffins, bagels, toast, and burnt coffee , and oh yes, I love GARLIC , lots of garlic , I can't get enough garlic ----

Ouch ! don't hit so hard Terry --- lol ----- passing-thru


Terry said...

Ha!! You forgot the best part of it all Passing-thru.
I hate fish.. I really do!! Yuk!!
from Terry

Sorry "Fish"

passing-thru said...

Lol --- made me smile when U said - "sorry FISH " now your pulling poor David, Doc, Pilgrim, Ole Pilgrim, Aching Ole Pilgrim, Barnabas, Gramps, Dad , into it

So clever U are Terry, pulling David into this mess -- lol

jel said...

I'm shocked ! say it aint soooo!
Sweet T erry ,ya don't like Fish?????????

hebrews 11:1 said...

Mrs. Shirkie...You had better eat fish, because it is a BIG part of your mental health-- a lot of mental problems(memory loss, etc.) are caused by a lack of fish ;) And you guessed it, I love fish AND garlic. My Grandmother should give you a lecture on the benefits of eating garlic.

Hey, Pals, I might not be on here this evening, sorry. I have a appoitnment with a gentleman who would like me to walk his dog for pay. I was recommended to him by a fine friend of mine who owns a nearby business, and I'm so excited. Please pray God will give my dad and I wisdom as we meet this man tonight. We haven't touched on prices, although I met a dog-walker 2 years ago and know the goign rate. She encouraged me to get in the business, but I did not know anyone. Anyway, God gave me this to me, it can only be from Him, so I am goign to have a go at it.

Buona Serra!
Kali Spera!
Buenos Tardes!
Masa el Kher!
Have a blessed and good, Godly afternoon!

Lil Pilgrim Pal

Terry said...

Oh Lil Pilgrim. It is too late for me.
I am too far gone!
Sure if you eat a lot of garlic it will keep you from getting a cold.
You know why, eh?
Because everybody that has a cold will keep their distance from you.
They don't want the smell of garlic!!
So no germs for you to be breathing in!

Sorry Jel I don't like fish!!
Mom used to force us to take cod liver oil!...Yuk!

Dad Golden used to fish, before he sold all his fishing gear to buy groceries for his family and one time he brought the fish home and put them in the ktchen sink and they were still breathing!
So it took them, when nobiody was looking and put them in a bathrub that I had put water in.
Dad was a kind of bit annoyed at me and kind of got after me which usually he never did.

" But Dad, those poor fish couldn't breath and they were still living!
It is cruelty!"
Betty, my sweet sister really surpised me that time when she was the one that wanted to dissect them!!
My own sweet sister!
How could she?!! from Terry

passing-thru said...


passing-thru said...

Terry is this another "FISH" STORY

OOOPS sorry David --

passing-thru said...

Terry , your right about that cod liver oil -- we had to also take it when young -- I think "we" must be older than dirt -

That was a nice post about David driving up to see Matthew -- just like our Heavenly Father would do for us ------ neat ---

donna said...

I still take cod liver oil..it's good for you....and garlic is so good for you toooooo...Mrs. Shirkie...and I love to saute all my veggies in garlic....and then surround them with a rainbow trout....yummmy.......although cajun catfish is my fav!!!

donna said...

OHHHH...one more thing...are u all related to each other or do you just act like it??

jel said...

I was joking with ya Terry, about Fish

and I hope ya get the job, Hebrews 11:1 :)

hi passing-thru!
and yes David is a very good dad! to do that!

hebrews 11:1 said...

Jel, I got the job! Praise God!

You guys are so funny.

Of course we are related...we're all brothers and sisters in Christ!

Mrs. Shirkie, I'm going to send some fish oils and Kyolic garlic your way if you keep this up!

Lil Pilgrim Pal