Friday, July 27, 2007


What a Great Story from Pilot Mom -- This is what David encourages in here, sharing blessings like this builds HIS CHURCH -- and MAGNIFIES HIS NAME -- if I may, will share a short version of Another Testimony - In our first home mission church , we had a farmer who was a wonderful saved Christian, he had an older sister that was an English teacher in the local high school and she attended the United Methodist church in town - It was formal and everybody that knew anybody attended there -- I talked with the pastor there and he was born -again but restricted somewhat by "structure" - anyway- Herb the farmer would say to me , have U been to visit my sister (he wanted me to witness to her about born-again) and I would say yes, Herb, but she turns me away at the front door - she would look at me reservedly, and with pronounced wording send me on my way - "Thankyou she would say , I have my church and I am fine " the following week, Herb would say , have u been to visit my sister - lol -- he never let up on me to visit his sister and time and again she turned me away - I told Herb, she won't even let me in to visit even once ! Herb would say - keep visiting her , I'm praying -- so I did -- Herb's sister Barbara was 30 years older than me , educated and had class -- She turned me away several times, THEN one day at the parsonage, The Lord impressed upon me to go quickly to Barbara's house, I went immediately, upon knocking on her door, she opened it and said pastor, COME IN , I was hoping U would come by - she said she wanted to know about this being born-again ! Out of the blue -- God had worked on her , she got saved right there at the kitchen table - came over to the little insignficant home mission church and the town was abuzz over it -- she developed MS shortly after and before she had her homecoming , wrote me a letter of grattitude to this young uneducated pastor who would not let go and brought her to the Saviour -- good stuff from the year 1972 -- passing-thru

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