Monday, July 30, 2007

Supplication For Susan

From our Pilgrim Pal Susan Bunts of Susan's Blog. Susan just posted a new poem she has written. Please check it out at: Hopefully Susan will post it here on PILGRIM PALS but until then, please check it out. It's excellent!

Note: The following prayer requests appeared on the Prayer Ministry web site of Kindred Community Church. Susan's former pastor, Chuck Obremski, was such a godly man! He went home to be with Jesus following a valiant battle with cancer. Chuck was a friend of mine. For many years he was the Baseball Chapel leader for the Anaheim Angels, now the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. - David

Susan's requests:

"1) We will be moving my mother, Gayle, to a different room in her Alzheimer's assisted living facility on Saturday. We are moving her to put some distance between her and a neighbor who has caused some problems. Also, to help reduce some of the very high expenses, we will be moving Gayle into a room that she will share with another resident. Please pray that God will oversee each aspect of the move, that it will go smoothly and that Gayle will handle this change well.

2) Also request pray that God will oversee the withdrawal of funds from the family trust account to pay for Gayle's monthly expenses. Pray that I will be able to get my stepbrother's co-signature and get the funds transferred without causing any delay in paying Gayle's bills. 3) Additionally I will be looking in to possible veteran's benefits that Gayle may be eligible for that will help with expenses. Thank you so much for your faithful prayer and covering this situation in prayer.

"Also requesting prayer for a co-worker Holly. She is seeking to have a more balanced life/schedule so that she will be able to spend more time with her husband and keep stress at a reasonable level. Holly has a long commute. Pray that God would draw her close and that He would reveal Himself to her. Thank you!"


passing-thru said...

The needs are great , my spirit tonight seems "weak" but the list for prayer grows -- The world won't pray believing for Susan, we have to and its a privilege, weary spirit or not - We the redeemed pray and pray believing -- Susan , your mom is on our list -
Lord Bless U and your trials --and may Holly find Christ thru all this as well

passing-thru said...

Susan's poem is EXCELLENT

A poem that "SEARCHES" the heart and committment in light of THE GREAT SACRIFICE ON CALVARY


susanwalkergirl said...

Thank you dearest David...and Passing Thru Bob!

Your prayer are much I continue to navigate the waters of Alzheimer's. It sure ain't pretty...but thank you Lord...I don't travel it alone.

What a reminder Bob...that the world does not lift us up in prayer. Wow...I never thought of that before. Even if they did...would God hear and act upon them? We have been given a unique calling and mission from our Lord.

Thank you on the just breaks my heart when we as Christians act as the world does. How we will grieve when we know of the opportunities we lost because we focused on ourselves...and not the Lord and His high calling

Terry said...

Dear Susan...When I watched the little video that you directed us to from your site, I could see what a godly man that your pastor was and you have spoken about him so often.
I have listened to some of his preaching on your church site before.
Remember you directed me to one on forgiveness when I was going through such a hard time at work?
You are going to miss him so much and my prayers are with you my dear kindred spirit!...Love Terry