Friday, July 27, 2007


I took the liberty and am posting this from Heb 11:1 , A testimony of God's Grace and Timing

hebrews 11:1 said...
One early afternoon my mom and I took our dog out for our usual weekday walk. As we passed by the home my grandparents had recently bought, there was a nice chair out for garbage. “Oh, let me go see if she has any more she’s getting rid of,” my mom said to me. “And while you do so, I’ll run around the corner, with the dog, to the house whose garage door I closed last night and let them know they left it open.” I replied. We parted ways. Now the lady who was moving out is a widow in her 70’s, and she is moving into her daughter’s home so she has family with her to care for her lest anything should happen to her. She is also a Christian who is very evangelistic. My mom went up and rang the bell as I ran around the corner. It took the lady a long time to come to the door, and when she did, my mom saw blood streaming down her face. As soon as she opened the door, my mom caught her and helped her to a chair. The lady said she was cleaning out the upper cupboards, standing on a stool, when she felt dizzy, and before she could get down, she fell…but there was a picture frame on the ground, and she fell into it, the glass cutting her face, hands, and legs. I arrived a few minutes later and saw my mom holding the lady’s hands above her head. Why, I thought, it looks as though she is doing that to stop bleeding, but how could that be? They must be praying or something. So I stood by the door. Meantime, my mom was praying I would come soon, and she looked up and saw me standing there. “Run home, quick and get ice, bandages, she’s cut all over and is bruised and has bump on her head.” I ran as fast as I could with my dog lagging, all the way down the hill, and up our hill to our home, and burst in the door. My dad was sitting on the couch doing science. “Mrs…. fell! And she is cut! And she has a bruise on her head!” I burst out, as I ran to the bathroom for first aid, and then to the freezer for ice cubes. I scurried about trying to remember everything. My dad and I drove to the home with all the stuff, and I ran in and set to work to help my mom. My mom told me while I was gone, the lady mentioned she was diabetic, and my mom’s heart sunk. She began praying, as she thought, “She will never stop bleeding!” I used a method I’ve used on myself before when I saw the way the blood was flowing from her hands, and it worked. Then we cleaned her up. We put the ice on her back, hip, and the knot on her head. We washed up the floor and the carpet from the blood that was all over. But we would have never known, if we had just walked on by instead of asking about that chair. It sounded like a trivial thing, but in reality it led to us helping this dear sister in Christ, whom God was watching over. The lady apparently recovered well at her daughter’s (she was moving that afternoon), but I will never forget that experience. I’ve stood by my parents and helped them take care of all my younger siblings worst medical moments, but there is nothing like caring for an elderly person…I’m sure Mrs. Shirkie and Donna can relate!Lil Pilgrim Pal

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hebrews 11:1 said...

Thank you, Passing-thru...I pray it does bless others!

Lil Pilgrim Pal

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Real Good Hebrews Mrs. Shirkie