Thursday, July 26, 2007


I'll make this short as I have to get ready for work. Thank you all for your heartfelt comments and suggestions to my post last night.

Julie: thanks for the words to the Casting Crowns song "Who Am I?" I have that CD and sing that song a lot. Thanks for the 7 hugs!

I'm pretty tired this morning and I am glad that I have Friday, Monday and Tuesday off work. I think it would be best if I lay off the posting for a while.

Julie (Little Missionary)

PS Terry, regarding your comment on Hannah - if I can be bold enought to "correct" you: in the NIV it says, 1 Sam. 1 vs 10 "In bitterness of soul Hannah wept much and prayed to the Lord." I looked up bitterness - it means: resentment, anger, unpleasantness... that's pretty powerful - she was angry in her soul....and that's exactly how I feel.

It seems she felt this way until she received a blessing from Eli, the priest. He said, "Go in peace and may the God of Israel grant you what you have asked of him." Hannah was no longer downcast.


Terry said...

Dear Julie.
You have lots of friends praying for you .
If you do lay off the posting for a while don't lay off the reading.
Have good days off.
Say at least a hi now and then so that we know you are alright....
I am still praying for you.Love Terry

passing-thru said...

Read the comments U received Julie and U got some GREAT ADVICE as well as CONSTRUCTIVE HELPS from people going thru or have been thru similar ordeal -- like the cd's and training helps from Charles Stanley and Beth Moore --
Friends helping friends
Julie, when U first came on "Pals" we could see your love for God , and U were honest about some old hurts and your zeal for missions ,we understand your "highs" and "lows", it does NOT make U look like your out of control, we know your a mature , responsible woman, some things take TIME, growth, and stability comes with TIME , GOD'S HEALINGS take TIME, most of the time it does - so ALLOW GOD to do HIS WORK , take the good advice from women who have been down the road as U are on - GO SLOW, PRAISE HIM if U can, LET GOD DO WHAT HE DOES BEST , "working in U that which is well pleasing to HIM" - HAVE A GOOD AND GODLY and REFRESHING DAY, and DO NOT HIBERNATE AWAY FROM GOOD SOLID CHRISTIANS in your NEW CHURCH - - hear me GIRL ! - don't make me preach :-)

Terry said...

I think you are right in that Little Missionary.
I must of been bitter too because for a while, it was even too hard for me to visit the hospital when one of my nieces or nephews were born and just look at the windows and windows of new borns!
I can't really remember when the change in my heart came but the "bitterness" is not there anymore.
I hope that the happiness will be there for you soon dear Julie...Love Terry

David Warren Fisher said...


Thanks for your post. We'll miss hearing from you over the next few days but you will always be in our thoughts and prayers.

We love you very much and will be holding you close!

Lots of hugs,


Pilot Mom said...

Terry, I certainly understand how you were feeling. I felt the same way when I could not have any more children. I did not want to help in the nursery at church because it hurt so much. Thankfully, He raises us above all that!

Julie, I'll miss your postings. I'm praying for better days. You have too much going for you to let satan have a victory. ((((Julie))) coming your way.

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Thank you all for your comments!! Wow! You are all such a blessing to me!

I'll likely post once more before my wee break.


Julie said...

We will miss you during your blogging break, but I trust that the break will leave you renewed, refreshed and revived!

Please don't stay away too long!!! I don't think you realize just how much everyone on here looks forward to hearing from you!

BTW...I think next weekend (long weekend) we are heading to see my uncle and his family in the Ottawa to meet for coffee?