Monday, July 23, 2007

Pilot Mom

1. Name/Pilgrim Pal User-Name: Pilot Mom...because our son flies C-130 planes for the U.S. Air Force

2. Favourite Food: Well, of course, chocolate is always my favorite, but I am very partial to a great steak, Mexican food and Italian.

3. Hometown: I am a born again believer living in mormon country...Utah.

4. Parent's names: My dad...Rowan, and my mom...Ileen

5. What did you study in post-secondary school?: English

6. When and how did you come to know the Lord?: The Lord made me His own on Nov 6, 1972 around 11:30 pm. I was in college in Mississippi and my roommate was used by God.

7. How did you meet your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend?: I met him while I was in college in Colorado Springs, CO. (October 1973) He was not a Christian. I was a new Christian who had a lot of head knowledge because I grew up in a Christian home. My thoughts at the time were, "Well, I could date him and let him bring me down to his level or, I could date him and show him Christ." I never, never told him that I wouldn't marry him unless he came to know the Lord. I never wanted it to be about me. It needed to be for him to see his need. He accepted the Lord in August 1974. We married August 16, 1975. In all my counseling I have always recommended against "missionary dating."

8. If you could meet someone face to face (other than God), who would it be?: Hmmm, there are so many...I think I would enjoy meeting Watchman Nee, Dietrich Bonhoffer, and C.S. Lewis to name a few.

9. If you were given the chance to build your dream home, where would it be located and who would you want your neighbour to be?: Well, I've always wanted to go back to the Colorado Rockies. But, I really miss the trees and flowers from the South. So I need to live where I could have both...winter for about 6 weeks, then spring for several months, followed by summer for a couple of months (but without 100ºF+ temps) and then, of course, Fall...loaded with Indian Summers. I haven't found that place yet so I guess I'll just say Heaven. And living next to? Why, all of you, along with my family and my other friends!

10. How did you discover Pilgrim Pals or Pilgrim Scribblings?: I think, if I recall correctly, I discovered David by reading a comment of his left on Becky's blog, The Faith Expedition. I liked what he said and so I checked out his blog. I'm so glad I did!!

(This was a GREAT idea!)


passing-thru said...

Good Stuff Claire -

I enjoy most is hearing how people came to Christ -- most always , thru another believer witnessing


Terry said...

Oh So nice Pilot-mom.. A pretty face now from an invisible daar friend, eh?
Love Terry
Oh Felisol will SO glad!..Love Terry

hebrews 11:1 said...

I really enjoyed this! I don't always make the time stop over at your blog, and I always wondered why your name was Pilot dad works with airplanes, so I've been raised on them!

I'm glad you were able to share that about your husband and you, and how you counsel against that now...when my mom married my dad, he wasn't saved either, and she does not tell that part of the story most of the time. She had been saved for 8 yrs. I think, and she had certainly talked to him about the Lord, and they agreed that she was goign to raise me in the Lord...she married him in faith. They never dated, they went out to dinner when they first met at work, and they kept in touch when he returned to Montreal by talking for 2 hrs. every night on the phone. My dad loved me right away (I was nearly 2, my bio. dad had just left us a month before, and my mom was still coping with the sudden divorce). My mom always shares that she didn't love my dad, I mean wasn't "in love" with him, but they fell in love over the years. Mymom had many praying for her, and they all felt it was God's Will, so 1 month after they met, they were engaged, and 3 mos.later they married. My dad adopted me, and no one can tell it is so unless they are told, because I look just like my dad and my siblings and I are all alike. I never saw or heard from my bio. dad again, but I pray for him often. Oh, and my dad (adopted, the"real" one as I always say) was saved a few months after my parents married, and was baptized. It was a match made in Heaven, but certainly not everyone's ideal love story! :)

Lil Pilgrim Pal