Tuesday, July 24, 2007

News From Heather

MendingJuly 24th, 2007
I have to tell you, I feel so much better! I still tire easily, and and sleep alot, but I could get use to this “no radiation” feeling!
Many of you have asked if I am going to continue to homeschool, and the answer is “sort of”. We have found a school here in town who will teach the kids on Tuesday and Wednesday and allow me to teach them on Monday, Thursday and Fridays… I didn’t want to put the back in to school based on how I have felt this past 6 weeks, so this seems like a perfect solution to that problem!
I have been super busy (well, as busy as my body will allow me to be!) Friday night Mark took me out to dinner and a movie. We really really had a great time. I married an awesome awesome man.
Saturday I took Easton to see “Hairspray”. She thought that it would be like High School Musical, but it wasn’t. I wasn’t really fond of the “dance moves” in the movie, and we talked about that afterwards. It did have a good message! Easton and I had an amazing time, just the two of us!
I am sorry for not updating regularly. When I feel good enough to get out of the house, I take advantage of that! Today I met my high school friend Karly and her kids at her moms house and really had a great time. We talked about the good ole days, and how we have changed since then… It was really good to see her!
I am debating whether or not to continue chemo, so pray that the Lord would give me direction in that situation. I felt so very very bad on it, and they cant tell me if it is working or not. My oncologist said that this is what they treat Stage IV cancer patients with, so they assume that it will work on my type of cancer (Grade III) but he said that it was completely and totally up to me and many with my type of brain cancer choose not to be on it. That is a big decision, and I dont want to take it lightly. I have until August 16th to decide. I will also ask many questions regarding the pros and cons with my Oncologist at Moffit on the 16th.
So that is it! I’m on the way to mending, both physically and emotionally. Since April, my life has been a whirlwind of heartbreak and chaos. Now that I am done with cancer treatment I want to begin putting the pieces back together again and am enjoying my family and friends. I haven’t been out of my house much since cancer treatment started, so I am taking full advantage of feeling as good as I do!


passing-thru said...

Thx Heather -- I am not sure if Terry copied and pasted this here or if U came over and did it - it matters not except PRAISE THE LORD we are thrilled for U and Arlene - we pray daily for U
HIS GUIDANCE FOR UPCOMING TREATMENTS IS SO IMPORTANT - we will remember U to HIM for that guidance - May HE guide U

Pilot Mom said...

Heather, it sounds like our time tables are eerily the same. April was when we found out Pilot Dad's tumor was cancer, and he just finished radiation a week ago today.

You sound like he does...we do a movie and then home to rest etc. We are not doing restaurants/food yet because his taste buds have not come back yet. But we are eagerly looking forward to doing that together!! Maybe by our anniversary. That's what I'm praying for! :)