Friday, July 27, 2007

David's Prayer Request - A Clarification

Dear Pilgrim Pals:

Greetings, my dear friends! It's David, the Pilgrim here. Just a note of clarification! It was NOT me, David W. Fisher (the Pilgrim) who posted the brief prayer request. It was "another" David who is calling out for prayer.

Here is that brief request:

"please pray for me"

It was posted as a comment on my THAT STILL, SMALL VOICE post. Following up on that comment, I came across four (4) different blogs for the "other" David and also an e-mail address. He lists his e-mail address as: Perhaps one of our faithful Pilgrim Pals could e-mail David and ask if he's willing to be more specific about his prayer request.

I must say that I appreciate the outpouring of prayer support on my behalf but this time it was "another" David who was crying out.

Now that I am posting though...

Carol was in Toronto again today for more tests to determine why she hasn't been feeling well. She had tests yesterday and again today. She has an appointment to see a cardiologist next week. Please pray that we will get to bottom of this problem. There's no doubt in my mind that it is "stress-related" with all the unsettling events in our lives at the moment. The impending listing and sale of our home is certainly causing both of us much heartache. THANKS FOR PRAYING!

Today Nathan finished his basketball camp. This evening Victoria returns from another week of counselling at Graphite Bible Camp. Tomorrow we drive north to pick up Matthew at Camp Medeba.

Sunday, we crash...after gathering with our church family at Auburn Bible Chapel.

There you have it, my dear PILGRIM PALS. A clarification, an update and, once again, a reminder to "bear one another's burdens and thus fulfil the law of Christ."

Maranatha! The Lord is coming!

Lots of love,

David, the Pilgrim


passing-thru said...

Well - that was me David, that sent out the alarm -- I was on the comment section and seen "from david, pray for me" and I thought that U were under attack from the evil one -- and rushed off to pull the fire alarm box, - interesting as we didn't have a david before commenting -- anyway, it was me that pulled the alarm, I sensed God's Presence big time as I prayed - HE MUST KNOW --- thx David for great post on that Indian Woman --- I know the "brethren" will forgive me as I thought the request was from U --

donna said...

he is a fellow blogger and dear friend of mine...I will try to find out and keep you posted.


passing-thru said...

I thought as well David that with all the "stress" that Carol was having symptoms of discomfort --
so often this stress factor , regardless of "faith" takes its toll on our bodies ---
WE WILL REMEMBER U AND CAROL this week big time -- am sorry for all that your going thru , Trusting, that HE comforts U both as HE CRADLES U in HIS HAND

passing-thru said...

Thx Donna ! am sorry Donna , I didn't know - we will be honored to pray for him and we know that the Lord will have channeled those prayers to his account

donna said...

Not a problem passing-thru....I did not know it was him either...until I clicked on the comment david fisher directed us to....

Terry said...

Dear David...Jel and I have commented on David's blog.
He had a new post on there today.
He has been such a kind and caring person toward Minerva.
If you find out what is the matter Donna, I hope you do keep us posted.
Well like I said ...God knows and he even knew that it was a different David that we were all praying for.
I have David on my favorite links....from Terry

passing-thru said...

Thx again Donna for filling us in
We are remembering U even now as I type -- God so blesses U , and between us , that HE leads U back into fellowshiping with the saints -- more than just the blogging -- ok ok -- I know U don't know me -- I'm being quiet now -- "IN CHRIST" your friend , Bob

Terry said...

OH boy!! What are we going to do with all of these Davids Donna...Thanks for the update.
Now why did I get the idea it was David Schmidt?..
Thanks Donna..Terry

hebrews 11:1 said...

Thank you for the claification...

How is Mrs. Fisher feeling? What are her symptoms, if I may ask? I pray they find out what is wrong with her.

Praying BIG always,
Lil Pilgrim Pal

donna said...

it was david schmidt terry...
i guess i dont explain things very well.