Saturday, July 28, 2007

Reflecting back on a New Life...

Here is the story of Michelle who came to know the Lord on the same day as Phyllis. I wrote this back in November of 2004 to share. I'll repeat it here for you all. One needs to understand that the Utah State University is 99% mormon. We were very careful how we reared our son so he had a clear understanding of the differences between mormonism and Christianity.

Tonight I have been reflecting back on a significant event in our lives. It actually happened November 10, 2003. Our son, James, had the privilege of leading a young woman, Michelle, out of Mormonism and into a personal saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

James had written an argumentative paper for his college English class in the Fall of 2002. The title of his paper was "Mormonism is Not Christianity Because The Jesus of the Bible is Not the Same Jesus as that of the Mormon Church." There was one other Christian in his English class and all the other students, as well as his professor, were Mormons. As soon as James called and told us what he had decided to write on, I sent a prayer request out to all of our fellow prayer warriors. That paper was prayed over, not only for the professor to be objective in her grading, but that the paper might have an impact. An impact it did have. It has circulated the globe (PTL for email) as people have asked to have copies of it, but the most important impact was when it was used to begin a young woman's search for Truth! In her mind, Truth would stand up to scrutiny.

Michelle's "pedigree" reminds one of Paul in the New Testament. Her Mormon credentials were impeccable, her family was of pioneer stock, her father is the first counsellor to the Bishop in their ward, and she had held many callings in the church.

James and Michelle were lab partners in one of their classes so they were able to talk while they worked. One of their conversations was about James being born again. She really didn't understand exactly what that was, however, she did know that he was not Mormon. One night in early November Michelle got online to find out what Born Again Christians were. As she read she was confused and didn't really understand too much about it. She wrote down some verses and began studying the Bible that night.

The next day Michelle had a lab with James and she shared that she was tired from being up so late reading and studying about Christianity. James offered to let her read his paper that he had written that explained his beliefs very clearly. Michelle agreed to read it and let him know her thoughts on it. They planned to meet to go over her thoughts. She truly believed that she had the truth and that it would stand up to any opposition.

Michelle began digging into the paper, sure she could disprove his position. She found scriptures to support her claims. As she states in her testimony, "I was armed and ready to talk to James about everything."

Now, along with researching James' paper, Michelle was reading the Bible every night for three or four hours. This was the first time that she had really read it and soaked in what the Bible had to offer. (Isn't the Holy Spirit wonderful?) On Friday, they met and talked about some of the things that she disagreed on. They discussed about an hour. After talking about James' paper James began questioning Michelle, finding out what she knew about some of the teachings of her church, such as the Adam-God doctrine, the conception of Christ, and blood atonement. Michelle was absolutely shocked that James would say that the Mormon church taught that God the Father had physical relations with Mary. That was blasphemous to her!

They talked further and she asked James the one question that sent her head spinning for the rest of the weekend. "Okay, James, tell me, do you think that because I'm Mormon, I'm not going to go to heaven?" James chose his words very carefully, "If you do not believe in the True Christ you will not be saved. But I can't be the judge of anyone's heart." They agreed to meet on Sunday but as Michelle walked away she began to question things in her mind.

Michelle went straight to the library to check out the doctrines of the Mormon church that James had shared with her. She found all the information and struggled with why she had not been taught that growing up. She thought maybe she was just misinterpreting things. So she called her dad. He answered all her questions with the answers that James had said. That night Michelle had trouble sleeping. Thoughts regarding her eternal salvation consumed her. She was desperate to find the truth. Even reading the Bible confused her because it contradicted everything she had been taught.

On Sunday as she was getting ready for church she came across the verse in 1 Corinthians 14:33: "For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace." She knew then that God would not confuse her. She was skeptical as she listened at her church that morning. She did more reading and studying before meeting with James. She had pages of questions for him. By the end of their conversation she admitted "that Joseph Smith was a false prophet, thereby coming to the natural conclusion that the Book of Mormon and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints were both false." That was a tremendous shake up to her belief system which she had held on to for her 22 years. She wasn't ready to make a decision yet....fear still held her.

Michelle told James that she would be praying that night. "Which God will you pray to?" he asked. She responded it would be the God of the Bible. That night she couldn't get enough of God's Word. One of the passages that she read was Ephesians 3:14-19 that says, "For this cause I bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named, That he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man; That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love, May be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height; And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filed with all the fullness of God." (emphasis mine) That's what Michelle wanted!

Monday morning she contacted James and asked if she could ask him some more questions. She asked, he answered until she came to the Ephesians verse. When Michelle asked him how to get "that" he explained the plan of salvation to her and then asked her if she was ready to accept Christ into her heart. She thought about it for a minute and then told him yes. They knelt together as she prayed the most important prayer in her life. As Michelle tells it, she felt that peace she was longing for. "The confusion, the fear, the doubt, it was all gone."

Now, when James' paper is sent out far and wide, Michelle's testimony accompanies it. Who would have thought what kind of impact God would cause with that paper? Would you continue to pray for Michelle? Her family is still steeped in Mormonism and there are times that she feels quite estranged from them. Her story doesn't end there....God has used her in mighty ways and she has grown mightily through the study of His Word. For all of us, here in Utah, that was one amazing week! To see God reach down and touch a young woman who desired to know The Truth was inspiring and faith building!

~Claire, Pilot Mom


passing-thru said...

CLAIRE thanks so much for sharing -this is the stuff that went around the early church -- Jesus is Alive and wonders and miracles of salvation -- Good Stuff ---
THIS BUILDS THE CHURCH --- I was just getting ready to post a story too but will wait -- I want others to enjoy this -- THANKS SO MUCH
I am feeling maybe I am posting too much in here anyway --
HOW GOOD IS GOD and CLAIRE, Michelle has gone on to lead other people to Christ and out of the false cults --- thankyou again

passing-thru said...

Claire - back in the 80's had 2 mormons come to the door - typical experienced leader with a trainee- I didn't bid them enter but did tell them , I'm a born-again Christian and I will discuss Christ with them on the porch - they said great - I said we need to have a common starting point - like when U run a race - they agreed - I said the common point of refrence would be the Bible - they said no - they wanted to use their book of mormon- I said no - if u want to discuss Christ , The Bible is the Source and finally they agreed -- lol -- I had them foaming at the mouth in 15 minutes - they walked away and I said to them as they left, Revelation says if any man adds or takes away from the Book , God will take away from them --- the trainee had a scared look on his face --- Scripture says that "darkness" covers the earth.

Terry said...

Oh Claire...What a story!
What a beginning of a new life!

I read in amazement at what the Mormons teach about how our precious Lord was conceived.
I had never heard that the Mormons believed this and it is as hidden as it can be!
I went to Google to check it out and it took a fair bit of searching but I found it..
How can a person believe in this and say they are Chrsitians?
It is blasphemy to the full extent!

I am so glad that this girl was saved! What a big fish your dear James caught!

Every year we see the young Mormon "elders" coming to Welland and going door to door with their Mormon message.
One time when I was babysitting at my moms two of the young men came to the door.
I said hi to them but told them I was a Christian and didn't really want to know what they had to say, "But" I asked them, "You are so far away from home. Do you guys have girl friends?"
Oh Pilot-mom, you should have seen the beam in their eyes, when they both pulled out their wallets, opened them and showed me the beautiful girls that were waiting for them at home.
Just splendid girls!!
They told me a bit about them and they both enjoyed the telling of it.
Before they left, I asked them,
"Boys, it is Sunday and we are going to a gospel meeting this evening.Would you like to come?"
Well, I guess I caught them off guard because they agreed to come!
I was shocked and it must have shown on my face because one of them said. "We have said that we will come and we WILL come! A Mormon never goes back on his word!"
Well, come they did and one of them listened to the gospel so intently, with his face full of longing.
I think he was really thinking!
After the meeting, there was a brother that was visiting and he had a whole trunk just full of Gospel tracts.
As we were gathered around his car, the concerned young man took some papers that were offered to him but the other young man, with a face full of distain refused.
I guess they usually pair these "elders" with one being stronger in the "faith" than the other boy.
I often think of this young man that listened so well and I have always believed that a seeking sinner and a seeking Saviour always meet and so that is my prayer for this young man...

I am just so happy for Michelle Pilot-mom!
God surely knew where to put you and your family as missionaries!!!
Love Terry

Terry said...

Dear Passing-thru.
Believe it or not, I just read your comment after posting my own!
I see that you do the same thing.
We have always been taught not to let a cult person into your home because for one thing the Bible tells us not to and for another thing the devil is pretty cagey and knowing our weak spot could really trip us up!

I was visiting my friend, Mrs. Garner one day, just before I was going to my piano lessons which was a street over from Mrs. Garners'.
As I was leaving to go, two Jehovah Witnesses came to the door.
I had to leave but I could hear Mrs. Garner telling them right away, "You two need to be born again!"
Well I wouldn't of known the results, but when the same two people came to the door of my piano teachers', I caught a sight of them when she opened the door... Passing-thru..I could see that 75 year old Mrs. Garner must of really worked them if I must say so myself and borrowing your expression Passing-thru...They surely were foaming at the mouth!!!...from Terry

passing-thru said...

the cults are so bad and so full of darkness - pity the poor people in them for they are sincere but sincerely LOST

Pilot Mom said...

Terry, I do know of one missionary who called on an elderly couple back east. They invited the two young men in, delighted to have a chance to share God's Word with the 2 boys.

The one, was certainly drawn to the couple. The other wasn't. But the one who was, went back to see them (along with his partner. They cannot be without their partner...ever). He began looking up their Bible references which they had shared and reading his Bible. Eventually, he realised the fallacy of the mormon church. Now he was in a quandry of what to do because his mission term wasn't over. Eventually, he confessed that he didn't believe in what he was having to share with people. He still wasn't saved. Well, the leadership sent him back home promptly. After he got back to Salt Lake City he sought out a church and became saved. After that big event he made a trip back east to see the elderly couple and to share with them the impact they had on his journey to become one of His. Isn't that the neatest?! So, there are times when what one is sharing does get used by the Holy Spirit to pull one of them into the family of God.

passing-thru said...

Good story Pilot Mom

Yes to be ready in season and out to share the Word

These cults --- what wickedness of the devil imitate spirituality

hebrews 11:1 said...

I read this story earlier today, but had no time to comment. Eve now I need to get to bed. I really enjoyed this testimony and the many others shared here. We have a Mormon church up the street from here and frequently walk right by, praying hard against the evil powers that it has, and the hold it has on its members. As fo JW's, we have a ton of, neighbors, we've got 'em. My dad always talks to them outside, but one cold Sunday, he invited them in to the front entrance, with the door closed o both sides. We were worshipping God when they called, so what do you think my mom led us in as my dad spoke to them? Praise and prayer, of course! WE sang our favorites, and then we prayed for my dad, that God would give him lots of wisdom in speaking to them. My dad was so proud of my mom....when they left he cme in with a beaming face and thanked her for leading us on, and that it encouraged him a lot! I've tangled with JW's myself a few times, including my aunt whom I reall don't get along with well. My sister confronted two men twice her size once...that was a sight. They were mad, and so was she! She kept pulling out all the right verses, and they didn't like that a bit. She was full of zealous fervor, and kept going at it, until they said, "Oops! We have to go, it's getting late." Yeah, I got a rookie once who said the same thing. But did I ever get him. He was a former Catholic, and I played on that. I know a lot about Catholicism, so I challenged him as to why he would leave his faith for a cult. I opened his eyes to some teachings he was not aware of, and encouraged him to hae a relationship with God. Thank God, I had my NT in my pocket, and pulled it right out, mch to his surprise. He was really impressed, too!

Pilot-Mom, please post more about the Mormons, and what yo9u tell them , because if I ever meet one, I will need the info and facts! Thank you! I've only been educated in the minimum on Mormonism!

Lil Pilgrim Pal

Terry said...

Dear Passing-thru.
Isn't it just wonderful how the Lord sometimes answers our questions without us even having to answer?

Hebrews 11:1... I second the motion.
I would like to hear some more of Pilot-mom's Mormon salavation stories!

Like I said Pilot-mom. The Lord knew exactly what he was doing when he put you and your family into His mission field in Utah!!Love Terry

Matthew 9:37.."The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few."

Pilot Mom said...

I can do that, Heb 11:1, but on this site, not my own blog. I have several mormon friends who read my regular blog and I don't want to turn them off to the truth. If they perceive me as "attacking" them I will lose them. So, on my blog I continually post Truth, and pray it will hit them between their eyes! Kind of like the training for the FBI etc when learning to tell counterfeit money...they look and study the REAL thing until a fake one comes across and they can see the difference from the real ones. That's how I approach my blog.

But, I would be glad to share more here on how I begin conversations or how I direct conversations. Stay posted and watch. :)

passing-thru said...

I like what U said Pilot Mom about Truth and how U keep your blog on the CENTRAL THEME --- the most important thing is the lost soul and our effectiveness at SHOWING THEM THE SAVIOUR ------- and so true on using other blogs or email at discussing doctrinal differences or comparisons --

hebrews 11:1 said...

Looking forward to those stories...

Pilot-Mom, I have a question that has bugged me since my neighbor mentioned something to me about it....Are the Mormons big on the Christian Fish? Around here everyone wears crosses (orthodox/catholic), so we show we're Christians by wearing a fish on our clothes. Well, one day my neighbor whose mom is a Jehovah's Witness, asked me why I was wearing a fish, because "the Mormons are the 'Fish People.'" I was shocked to hear that. My fish has the Greek letters inside, as I witness a lot to Greeks. Anyway, my current rain jacket doesn't have a fish, and I'm wondeing about putting one on, so I thought I'd ask you first just to make sure I won't look Mormon, of all things!

Lil Pilgrim Pal

Pilot Mom said...

Heb 11:1, no they are not big on the fish. Here in UT almost every Christian has a fish on their car so we can identify each other when we are out and about. I have only seen one sticker of a fish which had LDS in the middle of it. That has been several years ago. So go ahead and put a fish on your jacket and wear it everywhere! :)

They don't go for the cross either, because they really believe Christ paid their sin's penalty in the Garden of Gethsemane when Christ sweated drops of blood.

Also, if you have some indepth questions you may email me at and I would be more than happy to address those thru email so as not to take away from the comment space, etc. Just a thought. :)

hebrews 11:1 said...

Thank you, thank you, for answering my questions! That is new to me about the Garden and the, they really got it all mixed up! Poor lost souls! I can't e-mail you, but I will be looking forward to your posts onthe subject! Maybe the Lord is peparing me because I am about to meet a Mormon. Actualy I need to brush up on Hinduism, because I've met a little 11-year-old Hindu, and want to be tactful and still witness of God's Love and Salvation.

God bless you dearly,
Lil Pilgrim Pal