Thursday, July 26, 2007


NEW DAY , new adventures, new trials, new hopes, new opportunities, - "Looking unto Jesus, the AUTHOR and FINISHER of our FAITH " I am so glad that our strength comes from HIM.

Let us , "pals" KEEP our eyes on JESUS - this world, the things that we "see" are temporary, the the things that are not seen are eternal , we all know this - the devil would have us looking down or even worse , looking at man , self -- "It is God with worketh in U that which is well pleasing to HIM -- I am thankful for that verse -- Listen, Anything Spiritual comes from GOD, natural man in the flesh can bring nothing to the "table" for no flesh will glory in His Presence - its ALL OF GOD - our Awareness of God, our Gift of Salvation thru The Christ God Himself - so let us "take hope" brethren, - HAVE A GREAT DAY and Persevere , TRUSTING GOD pleases HIM ------ believe me, I am one of the least of Christians ---- "IN CHRIST" - passing-thru



Good Morning everybody!

Passing-thru. What a nice picture and message to start the day our with!
Yes the author and Finisher of our faith!
This reminds me of the song that Roger Bennett and Legacy Five sing so much that Roger himself, had written.."I've Read The Back Of The Book And We Win!
...From Pilgrim pal Terry

Have a blessed day!

Pilot Mom said...

Good morning to you, Terry! An exciting day for you I see! :)

The Author and Finisher of our faith...what a comfort that is...Pass Thru...We are grounded in Him. He alone is the One who gives us our faith. What a gift it is! Thanks for sharing.

David Warren Fisher said...


Thanks for the powerful message of hope! Much needed!

Be strong in His strength today, dear brother.

Getting nearer home,


passing-thru said...

Just now read the comments from terry claire and U David -- brought a rush of moisture to these eyes --- thankyou for the encouragment and thx to U David as I labour thru these difficult days - but no less difficult for U my friend ---
yes Claire - The GREAT AUTHOR OF OUR FAITH --- HOW GOOD IS GOD TO GIVE US FRIENDS the Terrys and Claires and Davids and the Hebrews -- thanks be to GOD --

passing-thru said...

Heaven is more real now - each day closer -how true David --

When we think on these things - we make ourselves stronger in what HE promised -- saturating our minds with HIS WORDS AND PROMISES

We are deluged with the "world" and its thoughts and none of it of God ---