Friday, July 27, 2007


Long-time friends of "The Fish" will recognize this "FISH STORIES" picture.

I have taken it with me on Monday evenings during the hockey season when I meet with the Peterborough Petes for our MONDAY WE HAVE FISH sessions.

Every time we meet I share a "Fish Story" or two but they are always TRUE and always told in a way that will bring glory and praise to our Father.

Lately we've been relating some excellent testimonies and true stories here on PILGRIM PALS. They have been faith-building and encouraging as we stumble towards "home". Thanks, Passing-Thru, for your accounts of God's faithfulness.

I encourage each of you to share your stories. Each of us will be blessed as we rehearse God's wonderful dealings with His people.

Go ahead, write your story! Each of us has a story and, as Terry's and my friend, Rodney Griffin, has so eloquently written, "our stories often go untold for too long". Those aren't his actual words but you get my point. Right?

Write on, dear pilgrims! Like John Bunyan we all have our own PILGRIM'S PROGRESS!


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Speaking of the Petes, Mr. Fisher, dd you her the trouble the Staal boys got into? Not funny that's for sure!

Little Montreal Girl