Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Misty Morning

The following prayer was posted this morning on Pilgrim Scribblings. It is my prayer for each of us as we continue our pilgrimage towards home. Rest in His unfailing love today, beloved!

Gracious Father, I haven't ventured out into a fallen world yet. Before I encounter Your creation I desire to see Your face, hear Your voice and rest in Your embrace.

Today I will face challenges that, without Your enabling grace, would almost destroy me. I can't "go it alone". I need You!

As I linger here in the quietness of the morning, please fill me afresh with Your divine Spirit, Your enabling Presence.

Give me a love for the unlovely. A hatred for all that displeases You. A desire to know You better. And when I lay my head down tonight, may I be able to say, "God, You gave me fresh strength to face every trial. You are a good God. AMEN!"


passing-thru said...

Thanks for sharing that ----
that could be my prayer for sure -

I sincerely want my life to "please" GOD ------

With all the modern conviences, all the toys , the older I get, the more I find WE NEED GOD ,
No doubt, that man was made for fellowship with GOD --------

Terry said...

Such a good morning prayer David...Terry