Saturday, July 28, 2007

Okay, okay!

*Ahem* I'd like to announce that after almost 3 weeks of non-blogging on my blog, I just wrote an entry. David...if you'd like to check it out it is there for your reading enjoyment! :0)

Now back to our regular programming...

I was asked to call about my prospective job early next week...I have a good feeling about this, but I am also aware of the fact that if I don't get it, then it just means that it wasn't meant for me.

Keeping with the job mom will hopefully find out about her job this week. She went for an interview last week and now they are just waiting for some woman to get back from vacation to make the final decision. It's hard to explain the situation, but the good news is that even if mom doesn't get this job she wants (but I think she will!) she will be taking a position in another office that is being held for her. So either way, she will be out of the office she is currently in...which is good because it is pure evil what is happening there!

Thank you all for praying...I love being able to come on here and ask you to pray with me. It's almost like by everyone praying, you help me carry the burden and place it on God's altar...because sometimes the burden seems to heavy to carry on my own. Does that make any sense?

Julie - Sweet Inspirations


alguien que pasaba por ahí said...

i will pray today with u. dont know why, dont know how; but i will

passing-thru said...

LORD BLESS U JULIE -- yes it makes perfect sense --

David Warren Fisher said...


If I hadn't seen you in person recently I would have thought you died. Welcome back!

Lots of love,


Anonymous said...

Ha ha David...remember that you almost didn't see me. I saw you first! You must have been deep in thought thinking about how I've been neglecting my blogging. I'm surprised you haven't offered to write a blog entry for me! :0)

Glad to see that you had a good day must be so happy to have your son back home with you! I hope he had a wonderful week!


Terry said...

HI Julie!!
I am glad you mentioned you mom. I had been praying about her other job and how she was doing.
I am glad that you are going for an interview for your job. It sounds promising, eh?
Now we are waiting for Passing-thru and Lauren-mary to tell us the good news that they will be going for interviews soon!! Pilgrim pal, Terry

passing-thru said...

Thx Terry !