Monday, July 23, 2007

PILGRIM PALS Welcomes Susan Bunts

Well, my fellow PILGRIM PALS, we are pleased to welcome SUSAN BUNTS from SUSAN'S BLOG as our latest friend and PILGRIM PAL.
Susan has several blogs. The one I'm most familiar with is SUSAN'S BLOG but she has three others as well.

Here are the URLs for all of her sites:

I have included a number of Susan's posts on PILGRIM SCRIBBLINGS, the latest being her excellent poem entitled DISSENSION. Many of our PILGRIM PALS commented on that one, it was so good!

Please welcome SUSAN as a PILGRIM PAL and let her know how much you value her contribution. No, let her know how much you value "HER"! We eagerly await her first submission.


- David


passing-thru said...


I have too enjoyed your posts on your blog site

Your words will be much appreciated and your prayers

Terry said...

Oh Susan!!!My Kindred spirit!!..Wecome!!Love you so much!..Love Terry

donna said...

Welcome Susan...I shall stop over and visit you soon

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Welcome to Pilgrims Susan!


susanwalkergirl said...

Thank you fellow pilgrims! Pleased to join the team. Passing always seem to leave very thought filled and thoughtful comments. I look forward to seeing more of your words. Miss sweet special day we should meet. Either you and David come to the states...or this California girl could go to Canada. Donna and Julie...thank you so much for your hospitality!