Monday, July 23, 2007

Little Montreal Girl..Praying Sens Fan In Montreal

1. Name/Pilgrim Pal User-Name: Prayingsensfaninmontreal and Little Montreal Girl, thanks to Mrs.Shirkie.
2. Favourite Food: I'd have to say I LOVE the Kelsey's Classic Burger!
3. Hometown: My little town just out side of Montreal.
4. Parent's names:Next question please.
5. What did you study in post-secondary school?: I'm still in high school.I don't plan to do any more studying. Unless the book I'm reading on Canadian politics is considered studying. ;)
6. When and how did you come to know the Lord?: On my moms bed on Feb. 14, 1996
7. How did you meet your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend?: Single!
8. If you could meet someone face to face (other than God), who would it be?: Relitives I've never met, and a Montreal Gazette writer named Red Fisher, he has such great stories to tell. And I would tell him a story about a savior who loves him.
9. If you were given the chance to build your dream home, where would it be located and who would you want your neighbour to be?:I love my little town and couldn't think of living some where else. Posibly Champlain or some where in up state NY. Ottawa would be a great place to live!
10. How did you discover Pilgrim Pals or Pilgrim Scribblings?:
Hebrews 11:1 was looking for HMI and other sports ministries


prayingsensfaninmontreal said...

Thank you whoevever posted this!

Little Montreal Girl

hebrews 11:1 said...

Hello, Pals!

Don't think that's really my sister...she's older than that you know!

Just a quick note, I had a terrible sleep last night, and my stomach felt terible, so I won't be starting my supplements until tomorrow :( Thank you for praying.

Lil Pilgrim Pal

Guess how I am making my comments fancy with bold and italic?! I'll share my secret when I've got more time, but it was somethig I had to learn in a hurry when I set up a website for my parents!

Terry said...

Never you mind Lil Pilgrim!
My Little Montreal Girl is just a high school lassie!!
So this is EXACTLY what she looks like!

I will be praying for your illness,
I worry about you sometimes..Love Mrs. Shirkie

hebrews 11:1 said...

That does not look like a high school lassie...she looked like that when she was 7 or 8, except for the b/w and the bonnet...she would have loved one of those!

Don't worry about me...I have enough people parents just want to see me get better, a neighbor is so concerned, especially when I revealed something (an environmental factor) that I maybe should not have said...I won't make the mistake twice!

How is your ear infection? All the strawberries cleaned out?

That last story about the pool-- my sister made me read it while I sipped on my strawberry I think I know why my stomach is so messed up...all those chopper stories ;) In all honesty, it's because silly me has been on a supplemental cream for 3 yrs., and got lazy after runing out, and didn't call the pharmacie to re-order it for a week, and ended up goign without it for 10 days...all my fault, don't you worry. It'll pass in a day or two, and I won't do that again.

God bless you,

Lil Pilgrim Pal

passing-thru said...