Monday, July 16, 2007

Another prayer request....

Prayer Warriors, my sister called me late this afternoon to tell me her husband has been diagnosed with shingles! The doctor isn't sure if the medication has been administered within the first 72 hours. However, we do know that our God is better than medication. They are leaving this week to go back to their daughter's home for another family reunion. If you remember, my nephew and his wife and daughter were not able to make the trip in May when we were there because of Melinda (Dan's wife) had pancreatitis due to a gall stone in her pancreatic duct.

Pray for a speedy recovery, and for the medication to work effectively in his body, and for relief from pain, especially as they are traveling.

Thank you for going before His throne of grace on behalf of both of them. After all, the caregiver needs prayers as well as the one being cared for!! How well I know that!!! ;)

Claire, Pilot Mom


David Warren Fisher said...

Just wondering who posted this prayer request.

Please sign your name at the end of each post even though you choose an identity below when posting.

I had a bout with shingles and it wasn't a pleasant experience.

Please sign like this...

David, the Pilgrim

Felisol said...

Dera Pilot Mom,
I have prayed for your brother in law, that he must be releived of his pains.
Its a wonderful thing that we all hurry to God when illness and other problems occur. He's our Father, and he wants us to come.
Also praying for you and Pilot Dad this special day.
Felisol, on the far side of the sea.

passing-thru said...

Ok - Pilot mom's sister and husband - I need a pad and pencil , at least God dosen't - WHAT A MEMORY HE HAS - all I need to do is say Oh God --- have prayed and will pray -- thx


David Warren Fisher said...

Pilot Mom:

Please count on my prayers for your brother-in-law.

Thanks for becoming such an integral part of PILGRIM PALS.

We'll have to call you PRECIOUS PILOT PILGRIM PAL.

Rejoice in His love today,


hebrews 11:1 said...

I'll add them to my prayer list...Passing-thru --I write all the names down because my memory is not the best :)

Lil Pilgrim Pal

passing-thru said...

YES HEB --- I AM GOING TO DO THAT - THE LIST IS ALREADY LONGER THAN I CAN REMEMBER -- but what a privilege to have this opportunity to be part of this ministry -
Some people pray long and hard and I try and at least remember to pray as I think of them -- I know this that real prayer is work -