Sunday, July 15, 2007

Answered Prayer!

Well, our cooler is working again. Praise the Lord! I saw on one of the thermometers it was 105º F this afternoon. I was running any kind of errand I could think of so I wasn't in the hot house. What was the problem? We don't know. The circuit breakers or whatever it is on the fuse box all checked out perfect. I've laid down the law...if it acts up one more time...we. are. getting. a. new. cooler. Period!!! We aren't even in our normal time of triple digit temps yet.

So praise the Lord for His mercy in allowing the cooler to once again come on after dinking with it. I praise the Lord for the "investment" of numerous fans over the last several years. Downstairs, with the fans going, and one doesn't move much, it is significantly bearable without being too hot.

Jim went to church...nauseated, hurting, etc but it was good. He sat out in the foyer, on the couch, so he could get up and go spit etc as needed without disturbing anyone. One of the blessings about being in the Lord's house is we have a new air conditioning system in our church because we have a new church building. We had our first service in it back in March. It was a long time in coming but it was fabulous to finally be through with construction so we could worship in it.

He is not talking very much at all. Hurts too bad. The pain medication is being consumed again, right on time. :)

I guess that's about all for our day here. We are going to hit the bed early tonight so we can get up and get busy in the morning. Well, technically, that is so I can get busy in the morning. LOL!

Blessings to all! Thank you, Pilgrim Pals for all your prayers! And, thank you to everyone else who has been faithful to pray! Especially our family!!!


Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Thanks for sharing. Good to hear your cooling off! Bless you and Jim!

passing-thru said...

LORD BLESS PILOT MOM --- praying daily ---------------

Pilot Mom said...

Thank you, my new found friends!

Terry said...

Dear Pilot-mom.
How nice that Pilot-dad got out to church.
He must of been so happy about that!

Sleep well Pilot-mom and we will be especially praying for you tomorrow...Love Terry


Dear Pilot Mom,
I am also so happy about PD being able too go to church. Here is grey skies and we have the heater on. Wish I could share some cool weather with you. I also pray you must get the help you need. I know from my mother how the burden of the little things can add up to simply being too much to cope with, wspecally when faced with so much suffering and pain as you are. I have often prayed for machines as well as people. If the Almighty God can heal people (and he can) machine ware must be a piece of cake for him. He sees our needs, and will help us solve them one way or the other.

hebrews 11:1 said...

Thank you for sharing...God bles you,

Lil Pilgrim Pal