Friday, July 20, 2007

Attention Witches and Wizards

My dear Pilgrim Pals:

I had to write this post while I was still "hot under the collar". Tonight I stopped at our local CHAPTERS book store on my way to work. I had left home early so I had a few minutes to browse.

Usually CHAPTERS closes at 10:00 p.m. but tonight was the much-anticipated launch of the final (?) Harry Potter book, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows".

CHAPTERS was be-decked in black with staff members and customers outfitted in their Harry Potter garb. The store was already packed with patrons, ready to pick up their book at 12:01 a.m., July 21st.

Repeatedly a staff member would announce over the P.A. system to all the "witches and wizards" in the store that they could get their wristband to facilitate their purchase if they had already pre-ordered the book.

This was beginning to "rankle my feathers" (whatever that means) and when I saw a Christian family eagerly awaiting the "bewitching hour" it only made matters worse.

I know that there are differing opinions amongst Christians as to the value (or lack of same) of these insanely popular editions by J. K. Rowling. My mind was made up when I read of Rowling's less than complimentary view of Christianity and our Savior, Jesus Christ. She doesn't think much of Him or us.

With all the excellent literature for children and young people by Christian authors, why do we get so excited about witches, wizards and spells?

The public address announcer made one too many announcements to the witches and wizards and I was "outta there".

I'm not a witch or a wizard. I'm a redeemed, blood-bought, set free, born-again, bound for heaven child of the King.

If we had as high a view of God, His Son, His Spirit and His Word as the world has of Harry Potter, we'd be out there making an eternal difference in our world.

There, I got it off my chest!

"Thank You, Lord, for lavishing Your love on me! Give me the same hunger for Your eternal Word that these people have for their "witches and wizards. AMEN!"

- David W. Fisher


Terry said...

Yes...I saw the news too David.
I just wish we had a crowd like that when we are having Gospel tent meetings in the summer.
Not that I am complaining about the one or two unsaved that do come but if this enthusiastic crowd would attend a place where the gospel of God's love is teached from the Bible, the greatest Book in the world and in fact the number one seller in the world, then they would also learn how they could become as you are David Fisher...Blood-bought, set free, born-again, and a bound for heaven child of the KING!!

Matthew 7:14.."Because strait is the gate and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto LIFE and few there be that find it."...from Pp Terry

passing-thru said...

AMEN to all that U and Terry just said
The "world" is not ashamed of their gospel -------

We like Paul say -- I am not ashamed of the GOSPEL for IT IS THE POWER OF GOD UNTO SALVATION

"May THE LIGHT OF CHRIST so shine thru us that "they" will come to THE SAVING KNOWLEDGE OF GOD -"

Terry said...

Good Morning Passing-thru
Yes it is way too sad how the crowds are milling around that book.
One time when I was looking after an elderly lady, one of my duties was to read to her, and her daughter had me read a Harry Potter book to her.
I can see how the childen could get addicted to reading them because they are well written and in some parts they are quite humorous.
So that is why I think that a Christian best stay right away from them.
It would easy to become entangled.

Hope you hear some good news soon Passing-thru.
It seems others are receiving good news and now it has to be your's and David's turn!!!!
from Terry, Pilgrim pal

passing-thru said...

Thankyou so much Terry !

Yes on the good news - I am still waiting - I have examined myself , I come with empty hands before the Throne - it must be God's Timing I guess -- I sincerely appreciate U and David and those that remember me --
We must remember big time Heb 11:1 in prayer ---

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

I'm glad you got that off your chest David and I AGREE will everything you said. I won't even go near one of those books. It's sad that some Christians do get caught up in Harry Potter books and think they are innocent. From what I hear, they are far from innocent - the devil is leading many into further darkness through those books! Good grief, who needs Harry Potter when we've got God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit!!
Lord God protect your children from the enemy's lies.


hebrews 11:1 said...

Great to see this here. I was so MAD listening tothe coverage on my radio last evening, I was just so happy when they finally turned it off. I HATE witchcraft and all the children that are brouht into it. You know a local elementary school, one of the assignments once at the end of October was to write about the child's witch? I was so upset, I was fuming. Got that off my chest, now, too. Am I ever glad to see all us Pals were mad together!

Lil Pilgrim Pal

prayingsensfaninmontreal said...

I too am disguted by all this nonsense over such a wicked book.
I went to the Price Chopper in Champlain, NY yoday and was "greeted" by this thing stareing me in the face. DISCUSTING. A man walked into the store and punched the stack of books over. I was glad to see that someone else finds these books irritating.

Little Montreal Girl

Goldwings said...

I guess nothing really newsworthy happened, today...that can be the only reason that my local newscast aired several different reports on the latest Harry Potter release as their LEAD STORY!!!!

Absolutely unbelievable!

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Yes, goldwings, I just watched the news and the Lead story was indeed about Harry Potter...give me a break! I was angry but then I found myself praying for deliverance for the youth (and even adults) from the satanic garbage and lies in these books. Lord, grant them the grace to seek you - the Father of Lights and not the father of lies and darkness!! Lord, protect the innocent young minds from this crap! (forgive my use of the word crap...but that's what it is!).


Terry said...

Hi Goldwings!
Long time no see!!
How are your two boys doing?
Riley and Snoopy?
Sure nice to see you Terry

Goldwings said...

Hi Terry,

Nice to see you, too. I've been around - just as a reader, not a participant. All that fuss about Harry Potter led me to comment.

Snoopy & Shadow are just fine, thanks for asking. They are as spoiled as ever.

Take care.