Sunday, July 8, 2007

Fake Cake For Goodness Sake


Thanks for the great pix and the write-up concerning the wedding! You did a fantastic job! I've known Rick and Marilyn since before you were born and I love them both. So glad you had an opportunity to "show your stuff". Those pictures "took the cake" so to speak!

Every time I see a cake I think of the crazy term, "You can't have your cake and eat it too!"

Like the two-timing guy who had two girls on the go at the same time. He was finally told, "You can't have your Kate and Edith too!"

Now all those Pilgrim Pals who don't see me like you do will think I'm crazy! Fact is...I am!

Did you ever tell our Pilgrim Pals that my wife Carol ran into you by accident?

Hope you all had a great Lord's Day! I did!

Good night friends! GOD IS GOOD!
We're all wondering how Julie (the Ottawa one) is doing tonight. This was her night to have coffee with Todd! We're praying aren't we, pals!


passing-thru said...


Happy Birthday to YOU

Terry said...

Looks good enough to EAT Julie!!
love Pilgrim pal Terry

Julie said...

Oh don't want to eat THAT cake!!!

Thank you David for your kind, I don't think I've told the pals on here about my "accidental" meeting with your wife! Maybe one of these days I will tell the story...

I will try to post more on my own blog tomorrow. I had planned to take the afternoon off, but instead we made a last minute decision to use our van to help Rick and Marilyn take Mark back to the was a fun trip so as tiring as it was, it was worth it!